Ideas for small interiors

Design a small apartment - the best ideas for you


Stylish and modern design of a small apartmentThe wrong design of a small apartment is a frequent reason why many people consider such housing to be not comfortable enough due to the lack of free space. However, not many people know that the correct design of even the smallest room can work wonders and literally “move apart” the space. With our simple tips, you will certainly find a way to make life in a small apartment convenient and comfortable. So, when designing the interior of a small dwelling it is worth remembering that:

  • White color is visually able to expand anyborders, so for walls it is worth choosing it, well, or very light, pastel shades. In this case, it will not be superfluous to fill the room with accents of bright colors, this move will visually release the interior even more.
  • The space of the apartment should be used asYou can be more creative, for example, to store things under the bed or floorboards. Upholstered furniture can be deepened in cabinets, it will even contribute to the creation of a certain intimacy and intimacy.
  • In creating the decor of the room is to usemore vertical lines — shelving or ceiling-to-floor curtains. Let the furniture be multifunctional! You should not use simple coffee tables, let it be a set with a hidden storage capability.
  • For decoration of small areas are extremely successful.light transparent materials like glass, they blur the boundaries and make the room more visually. Traditional furniture, which takes up a lot of space, should be replaced with alternative designer furniture. And zoning the room will help the various partitions.