Interior of a one-room apartment

Design of a small apartment for a family with a baby

The terms of the project represented a serious challenge fordesigners: a large wish list with a small space available. And they successfully answered it. allowed to create in the apartment an isolated bedroom, working space, kitchen and living area. Plus it turned out to provide a corner for the crib. Sergey and Oksana Balamatyuk, owners and designersNest Creative Design studio Nest Creative, specializing, as the name implies, in the creation of "creative nests" with original interiors, created by individual projects. Specialists of the bureau take on the alteration of both apartments and premises for a shop or office. At the same time they assure: the result will perfectly meet your needs.

Desire of the client - the law for the designer

The family for which the apartment was altered, whilesmall. But young spouses Natalia and Aleksey are planning to increase her soon due to the birth of a child. An interesting color scheme was important for the head of the family, and his “half” would like to avoid pretentious forms and complex lines in the interior. The result of the wishes voiced by the customers was to become a harmonious and integral space, where there are spacious areas for cooking, relaxing and receiving guests, as well as a comfortable workplace and an isolated bedroom. It was also important to combine the vision of Alexei and Natalia regarding the color design of their apartment, so that it would not cause controversy and be pleasant to both spouses.

Dismantling the walls to build new ones

In the original room, once planned whenbuilding, to embody all the design tasks turned out to be impossible. The zoning of the space in view of the desired functions required a global redevelopment. The old walls were torn down, and the new ones created a separate room for the bedroom in the apartment, including a space for a crib, as well as a kitchen area combined with the living room.

Light and color solution

Designers have designed lighting suchso that it helps support the functional purpose of each zone. To do this, it was necessary to provide several sources of light of different levels: general illumination of space, realized with the help of chandeliers on the ceiling and walls; "Atmospheric" shine due to a special ceiling lamp that supports the mood of the room; point light - narrow-functional sources, allowing, for example, to equip a computer table, a work area in the kitchen or a chair in the living room. As for color, the designers settled on several shades of brown, diluting it with flashy wallpaper with geometric patterns and bright cushions.

Interior items

Especially for the project was ordered furniture forkitchen and hallway, as well as unusual closets for the bedroom. They are pedestals of a peculiar shape, in which there are cutouts for decorative objects and a table lamp. These housing transformers can be placed differently if space is required for a cot. Then cabinets-cabinets become close, forming an interesting ensemble. Also for the bedroom and living room furniture was bought from Belarusian manufacturers.

Problems encountered

Before making an optimal decision, the designersworked 5 versions of the future interior. And when the option was chosen, increased accuracy of calculations was required, especially in the bedroom. Negligence in calculations would entail a number of errors. For example, there would not be enough space for the crib of the future baby, the furniture could prevent the compartment doors from opening or the movement of the wardrobes would become more complicated.

If you decide to reschedule a small apartment

Be especially careful whilepreliminary measurements. It is clear that in a limited area I want to zone the space so as to fit more functions into it. It is better to entrust such difficult calculations to a professional designer. If you want to visually expand the space, use horizontal lines. It is in this way that the bands located "deceive" the view, will give the room more volume than it actually is.