The interior of a small bedroom

Making a small bedroom: 11 unexpected chips

Making a small bedroom is not an easy task.You always want to harmoniously weave originality and practicality. The resourcefulness of the designers made it possible to place additional storage spaces, apply luxurious wall paintings and even hang impressive chandeliers in cramped bedrooms. Undoubtedly, it is always pleasant to leaf through photos of spacious sleeping interiors with dedicated seating areas, spacious closets, fireplaces ... But, alas, the reality is that most of us have narrow sleeping rooms at our disposal. Someone is quite satisfied: there are quite a few lovers of small, cozy rooms. But more often than not, I still want to bring a piece of luxury into a bedroom of a modest size, combining it with practicality. And it's not scary if one piece of furniture can fit in it, and this is a bed.

1. Chandelier

Spectacular chandelier in combination with photo printingGive the design of a small bedroom a light fleur of Empire style. A wonderful element to add to your bedroom uniqueness. By placing an elegant lamp above the bed, you can be sure that you do not hit your head against it. Do not forget about the regulation of the intensity of lighting - in the bedroom just need the ability to control the brightness of light depending on the mood.

2. Plants

Flowers on the windowsills now moveton. In the trend to place indoor plants ... on the wall With the help of a custom-made system for placing green space, designers could bring life to the head of the bed.

3. Twin beds

The excellent decision for arrangement of a bedroom fortwo-person British single beds (which are traditionally made about 90 centimeters wide, unlike American ones 100 centimeters wide) will help to save space effectively. You will have a reserve of precious 20 cm of free passage between them. Also worth noting is the competent organization of the light - sconces are located on the walls.

4. Narrow, open bookcases

Light glossy surfaces traditionallythey expand the space, and the unusual design of the head of the bed becomes the highlight of the bedroom. Dozens of books and magazines managed to fit in this room. Built-in modules above the bedside tables allow you to use the space with benefit. Pay attention to the original method of suspension of lamps. Why not fix them on the side walls of the lockers?

5. Confidentiality

Doors-cases become a real hit, allowingsave an already small space Sometimes the bedroom is so small that the bed barely fits between opposite walls, and there is not enough space to open the door completely. The door-case does not need it - it literally enters the wall, fencing off your sleeping space from prying eyes, even if the edge of the bed is catastrophically close to the doorway.

6. Curtains

A room with lots of windows literallyrequires an emphasis on luxurious curtains Soft, stylish textiles guaranteed to decorate your room, give it comfort. And it has an important function - it hides the bedroom from prying eyes from the street.

7. Excerpt from artwork

It is interesting to know that the gracefully displayed inscription oncurtains is a quote from the Apocalypse today. The walls are equipped with comfortable shelves, a large window, a bed with a soft headboard, a pompous chandelier ... Do you think that there is no longer any place for high art? But designer Jen Chu artfully decorated the roller blind, decorating it with a quote from a famous piece.

8. Cabinet

Functionality is a defining feature of furniture in rooms of modest size. This is easily put away in a closet, leaving enough work space in an improvised office during the day.

9. TV

Mounting the TV on the wall - not the limitfantasy designers If you like to look through TV channels before bedtime or watch a movie, basking in bed, then there is a brilliant way of placing the screen. Hang it from the ceiling! And when it is not used, carefully hide in a specially provided ceiling niche.

10. Deep crates

From bulky vertical cabinets you canabandon, adding compact horizontal to the interior Precious design find that solves the problem of storing clothes, bed linen and many other things in a tiny bedroom in one fell swoop. The deep drawers at the base of the bed will hold everything you need.

11. Lincoln Memorial

You have unlimited choice of textures.and scenes for frescoes. An excellent chance to express your individuality. Not in a literal sense, of course. So allegorically, we call the mural. You should not refuse a large design element just because there is limited space. On the contrary, a small room is one of the best places to make a bright accent using this technique. The wallpaper behind this bed is a depiction of the majestic columns of the Lincoln Memorial. Summing up, it is very interesting to know: what ideas did you like the most? What would you bring to your design a small bedroom? Please share your opinions in the comments.