Design of a small hallway in a Khrushchevka apartment photo

The size of the hallway in a standard "Khrushchev"starts literally from one square meter. It seems that this modest narrow space is simply doomed to darkness, cramped and inconvenient owners. Not at all: our expert, designer Maria Solovyova-Sosnovik, will tell you a simple design scheme for this complex area and show you 5 elegant images for inspiration Maria Solovyova-Sosnovik, interior designer and decorator, author of articles and lectures on design Maria is a graduate of the Higher School of Environmental Design (MARHI) and has been a practicing designer and decorator for over 7 years. For her, interior design is akin to the process of conducting an orchestra, in which individual musical parts are the wishes of the client and the possibilities of space, and the resulting work is real music at home. - There are many ways to visually expand the space, use it effectively and fill it competently. But for this, the space should, in principle, be. And if it is literally meter by meter? In apartments built in the fifties and sixties, the entrance area is extremely small, it is impossible to increase it at the expense of neighboring premises. It remains to work with what is. Our opinion: - The layouts of standard hallways in "Khrushchevs" are reduced to two main types: "trailer" - narrow and elongated and "vestibule" - a tiny square space. The most offensive thing is that there is very little light in them, and this makes it even closer. Think of the glazed doors - this is how light will enter here from other rooms. And up the corridor "stretched" techniques to visually increase the height of the ceiling, we wrote about them, for example, and. You will be surprised, but in fact, built-in storage, mezzanines, even super-flat modular systems will simply "eat up" such a tiny volume. Therefore, I have absolutely no intention of offering you schemes with ingenious modules, reducing an already extremely narrow passage with a low ceiling. There is a simple solution: only 5 pieces of furniture, which you can arrange and play in different ways, depending on your desire and mood and style of the house.

1. The big mirror

It is necessary not only to visuallyincrease space. It just needs to - look at yourself at full height, and in a small apartment the hallway can be the only possible place for such a mirror. Ramu in your taste will make any baguette workshop, and the facet - a slightly sloping edge - will give it completeness. Author - Maria Dadiani Authors - design bureau m2project Authors - design studio "Odnushechka" The author - Alexey Klyuchnikov, "Special-style"

2. Wall hanger

It's a hanger, not a closet. First, open storage systems give more air, and secondly, the hanger itself - or interesting hooks - can become an object of decor. Clothes must be hung on hangers, so it will take up less space and look more careful. And do not forget about the separate, located below the hooks for children's clothes, so that their toes also had their place. Author - Anna Kiseleva Author - Olga Morozova Authors - Olga Gonchar and Sofya Lobyntseva Our opinion: - Avoid furniture with sharp corners and excessive trim - do not get bruises and hooks on pantyhose made in a hurry. But the hooks and shelves on different levels are a good decision. Do not forget that in the hallway, not only the outer clothing is accumulated, but also scarves, hats, hats and other accessories. Provide a place for them.

3. Console

Best of all - suspended.Why? Because this simplest move will allow you to appear wider. The console can be very tiny - just a shelf. But your keys, mailbox papers and gloves must be put somewhere. Author - Marina Govorushko

4. Poof

One of the most convenient and versatile itemsfurniture. To put a bag, to sit down, tying shoelaces, - it is necessary for this purpose. A puff is better to take a soft one, then no one will hit the corner. And if you are worried that it will get dirty, make a removable cover that is easy to wash. Authors - design studio "Cozy apartment" Authors - design studio «FACE-HOME» Author - Julia Sidorova Authors - studio of interior design Zi-Design Author - Anna Moshkova Authors - architectural and construction company "LEGE-ARTIS"

5. Effective lamp

The better illuminated space, the more spaciousit seems. In addition, decorative light is a great way to decorate. We do remember that our little hallway is the visiting card of the whole house. Let it be hospitable and memorable. Author - Varvara Shabelnikova, design bureau «VVDesign Authors - Korneev Design Workshop Authors - Anna and Irina Sokolov Authors - Daria Shirokova and Inga Arshba, studio I.D. interior design Author - Maxim Zhukov, ToTaste design studio Yes,"Khrushchevs" are not the best "works" of residential architecture. But let's not forget that in all major European cities, residential apartments are also mostly small, with tiny hallways, if any. Therefore, you just need to accept the fact that your hallway will never become a lobby of Buckingham Palace. But it will be pleasant for you to get out of the house into the big world for impressions, and return home in the evening. And I will bring to your attention as many as five options for its design using certain objects, so that the hallway, small or large, reflects your personal taste and style, has its own image.