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Design of a small kitchen: a selection of the 10 most useful articles


Your uncomfortable, small kitchen does not give spacefor creativity? Perhaps you have poorly thought of storage, not calculated with the height of the working surface or just hung the wrong curtains. Our selection of materials will help solve all problems at once

So, you have a small, narrow, dark or simpleuncomfortable kitchen, and you have no idea how to live with it. Sit back comfortably, we have 10 informative materials on how to properly equip, tweak or completely remake your uncomfortable kitchen space.

Let's start with the hardest part. Rather, solid. Primary action plan. He .

Then we move up and down and start counting. And to be precise, then calculate the height, volumes and distances of all the most important and necessary for.

Now we turn for help to and once and for allremember what exactly should be in your kitchen. In fact, these tips are very valuable, because we often try to embrace the immense and fill the already inconvenient space with a mass of unnecessary things.

Do you already have a kitchen set and are satisfied with almost everything in it, except for the low capacity? Our search for additional storage locations will help you.

Another way to save space is a transforming table. The thing is truly brilliant and demanding.

Well, if a reclining dining table is not your option, take a closer look - they are very compact and, moreover, they look extremely stylish.

You have neither the time nor the energy to re-equip the kitchen, but there is a storage problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Here's a look for alternative locations and storage systems straight out of Japan.

We continue to understand storage issues.Experience shows that the main problem of uncomfortable kitchens is, oddly enough, not a shortage of square meters, but an elementary mess. The reason for which is often poorly thought out storage. Including in boxes. Here's a solution to this problem.

We put the cutlery in its place, nowlet's do what makes the loudest, but gets the least attention - the covers. Yes, yes, those same lids from pots and pans that loudly wake up all your household every morning. How many times have you had a good morning lately? And the whole problem is that you don't know how these extremely important, albeit terribly "loud" household items are.

your now completely different kitchen, in which everything in its place, will give the original decorated windows. Decor is important always and everywhere. Even if it's a very tiny kitchen.