Ideas for small interiors

Making a small living room: an aquarium in the interior

You like to watch the little ones swimexotic fish and smoothly waving seaweed, as well as listening to the murmur of water. Now you can enjoy this extraordinary spectacle anywhere in your dream home — the guest lounge, boudoir, study, or dining room. All you need is to buy an aquarium. Modern models have a great appearance, interesting performance, as well as the ability to be built into almost any place - furniture, wall or even the floor. Opportunities are currently limited only by your finances, preferences and imagination. A few years ago it was possible to meet the aquarium in almost every house or apartment. They were a favorite decorative element not only among adults, but also children. Now homeowners find such an underwater kingdom an unaffordable luxury: very expensive, time consuming to care for fish and algae, and the need for regular cleaning. Thus, the hobby for aquarism is a rather expensive occupation, which is not inferior to alpine skiing or dancing. Today, many companies produce original models made of plastic and glass and equipped with a variety of devices - lamps, water purification systems, feeding and temperature control.

1. A unique solution for interior design - the underwater world in the closet

Aquarium in the bookcase or on the shelfis a new idea, they were placed there before. However, now manufacturers produce interesting and original models that are built into special cabinets and cabinets. Such a unique glass construction can be a great addition to the decoration of the dining room or library. Headsets for it should be made to order, because the standard design will not be able to fit into any room. Try to place it in the most unusual places - in the kitchen, in the living room, in the boudoir or in the hallway. Thus, you will be able to form a bright, expressive and creative composition that will surely amaze the eyes of all your friends. The most practical and functional place to place it is the kitchen. In this room, you get the best to debug the illumination, aeration system and drain water. The most interesting and costly, but the most impressive option is an aquarium block in the form of an apron or a window in a wall decor. A unique submarine partition separates the living room and dining room The original design of the kitchen apron Interesting and unique bookcase Creative furnishings and glass block with neon lighting

2. Imitation of order: vertical aquarium in the form of a tower

Column in the guest lounge, dining room or hallwaywill look spectacular, unusual and creative. Such an architectural element will not only transform the room, but also fill the atmosphere with elegance, originality and boundless charm. To create this effect, provide a panoramic view and buy exotic fish. You should carefully consider the drainage system, compressor arrangement and lighting. Cylindrical bollards and glass tanks for an aquarium can be made to individual sizes, but they are very expensive. The basis for them is made from different materials - metal, wood and steel, so you can choose the most suitable option for your home. Not any homeowner can afford to buy such a design, in most cases you can see them only in the design of restaurants and bars, cafes and beauty salons, as well as shopping and entertainment centers. Glass prism Round aquarium design with concrete supports Laconic and aesthetically attractive decor

3. Models embedded in the wall

Devices that personify the picture on the wall,represent an unusual and very attractive design design. To install them into the partition, a reliable steel support is mounted, on which a heavy glass cube filled with water is attached. Very interesting such a device looks in the decoration, sustained in the style of pop art. Hang a bright artwork, poster, or painting canvas next to it. You will be amazed at the result! Surrounded by such modern art elements, the aquarium block will look aesthetically and effectively. In most cases, they are not installed in deaf partitions, but walls between different rooms and rooms. Another unique mounting option for an aquarium will be to use it as an independent separating element. In this case, it will not only refresh the decoration, but also fill the room with a soft and muted magnetic radiance. Bright design of the living room in the style of pop art The protruding console unit looks great against a brick wall Original styling television display Successful decoration of the mantel - elegant and spectacular

4. Magnetic Stand Decoration

The home bar is the perfect space forexperimentation and new ideas in design. You can decorate this design in different ways. A great solution would be an aquarium cube at the base. This decoration can not boast of all homeowners, because it is a real luxury item. The main component of the magnetic attractiveness of this device is a beautiful backlight. You can install multi-colored LED light bulbs that allow you to create several stunning illumination effects in the room, not only static but also dynamic. The built-in glass unit in the bar counter looks stylish and elegant. The original solution for luxury apartments Beautiful corals and algae will perfectly complement the design of the kitchen.

5. Small mobile models

If all of the above options for you are notfit because of their large size, costly installation or personal preference, try to adopt the following solution. Mini aquariums in their appearance look like elegant glasses, vases or simple cans, incandescent bulbs and cones. Such devices you can place in any corner of the apartment, even in a small corridor, kitchen or on a small console table. The only drawback of these devices - more than two fish, you can not run into it. Nevertheless, they are ideal for the interior of a small apartment. The main thing to remember that they should not be placed on the windowsill, in order to avoid direct sunlight. With mini-aquariums you will not have any difficulties. They are easy to clean and change the water, and besides, you can find in the shops a variety of forms and options for the external appearance. The following photos present the most original of them. Wall flask in the design of the corridor An interesting solution for decorating a narrow hallway. Incandescent bulbs - a real sea paradise for fish Simple model in the form of a cube