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Design small-sized studio apartment: layout and interior in Scandinavian style

And again we return to the topic of smallApartments. Today we want to show on the example of a small apartment in Moscow how you can equip a one-room apartment for which the owners chose the Scandinavian style. This apartment, located in Moscow, the owners plan to rent out. But since they themselves love and appreciate coziness, they decided that housing, albeit temporary, should like, inspire and relax the one who will live in it. Therefore, previously they decided to make repairs and turned to the designer Alexei Zhukov. Alexey Zhukov, designer Graduated from Yaroslav the Wise Novgorod State University in 2012 with a degree in Environmental Design. He prefers minimalism, Scandinavian style, organic architecture. It's very cool when the life positions of the customer and designer coincide. This means that we will perfectly understand each other when drawing up a housing project and its repair, we can be on the same wave, and everyone will be satisfied with the result. We like such people.

Alexey Zhukov Rooms Floor areaIs very small. But also on this one needs to organize many functional zones: kitchen, living room, good sleeping place. And there must also be a comfortable storage system and workspace, as many now work at home. It seems that it is almost impossible. However, in such conditions, you can replace a large double bed on a sofa bed or furniture-transformer, which was decided to do in this apartment. In order to better realize all this, an easy redevelopment was carried out - the wall separating the room from the hallway was demolished. Alexei Zhukov, designer: - Unfortunately, the size of the apartment does not allow you to make a full kitchen with a refrigerator, so we moved the refrigerator to the hallway, making it an inconspicuous part of the shelving. Furniture The furniture for small-sized cars is a painful issue. Everything that can be bought in stores is cumbersome, unformatted and completely does not fit the individual requirements of customers. Therefore, Alexei went the other way and invited customers to make all the furniture on an individual project, which they took with joy. As a result, the main living area will be combined with the hallway rather unusual design shelving. This is such a large single multifunctional design, the component parts of which immediately became a folding dining table in the area of ​​a folding sofa, a closet and a refrigerator. In addition to the furniture that will be made to order, the apartment will house:

  • Chair Eames,

  • Stools from the Ukrainian factory ODESD2,

  • Kitchen (made to order by the factory Stosa).

The color and light of the sofa will light up two smallLuminaire on suspensions. TV on the "leg" will create a viewing zone anywhere. And an unusual rhythm space will set the laying of the floor covering at an angle. The apartment is made in light colors, as the basis was decided to take the fashionable Scandinavian style today. It is not for nothing that the Swedes invented it for their small dwellings: everything in it works for visual expansion of space. In addition, this color and style solution is aimed at a wide range of tenants. The space should be as comfortable as possible, and if someone wants to bring something bright to it, it can be done without difficulty. Bathroom Area of ​​the combined toilet -Four square meters. It was decided to make it very ascetic, since it is difficult to guess the taste of the future tenant. Black-and-white colors are complemented by a brown curtain. And if the tenants want to decorate it with bright colors - any colors will look great on this background. To save space, the washing machine was placed under a small sink, and the bath was replaced with a shower stall. Such a solution will visually increase the space of a small bathroom. The implementation of the project will take one and a half to two months. Tips for saving space in odnushkah

  • Trying to make your little one as comfortable as possible,Remember that furniture determines everything. Do not buy it in stores, make to order by the standards of your rooms. Only then it will occupy the minimum space and accommodate the maximum of things.
  • Pay attention to the bathroom. To save space, the washing machine was placed under the sink, which is very practical. A toilet was made on the installation - this method saves space!
  • And the tiles in the bathroom and the floor in the room are laid at an angle. This is a simple technique to create a visual effect of space.
  • Make more reflective surfaces and try to choose a light tree. It, unlike the dark one, does not clutter up space.
  • The higher the furniture in your apartment, the higher the ceilings will appear.
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