Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Design of a one-room apartment of 39 sq. M with a balcony

How to place in a small one-largeThe amount of furniture and piano without cluttering up a single room? But you still need to organize the storage of technology, books and favorite collections! This task was easily handled by the authors of this project - the designers of the St. Petersburg studio ART Studio. The owner of this small one-room apartment in LCD "The Seasons" is a young pianist. In the studio of design ART Studio, the girl asked for a modest space in the area, making it more modern, functional and at the same time not overloaded with furniture and details. Studio ART Studio ART Studio is a European studio with 10 years of experience, founded in 2007 by Anton Varzin. The creative team consists of designers, decorators and architects, who create unique interiors for each client addressed. The geography of the work is not limited to St. Petersburg: on the studio account projects in Moscow and the region, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Perm, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and even in Kiev. At work, designers are keen to uncover innovative ideas, to search for original forms, materials and accessories that will make the interior harmonious. In the design, the designers made only minor changes. Firstly, the second bathroom was turned into a domestic appliance where you can put a dryer for clothes, and also, if necessary, make shelves and lockers for storing household equipment and household chemicals. Secondly, the bathroom area was slightly enlarged due to the corridor and the household block, and the apartment as a whole - due to the six-meter loggia. As the landlady of the apartment spends a lot of timeIn the kitchen, this room was given special attention. Corner set was made to order from a local manufacturer, providing many storage space, but the technique was chosen German, equipping the kitchen with everything necessary: ​​there was room even for a dishwasher and a large refrigerator. In the corner of the kitchen is located: Table with adjustable height and the famous Kartell chairs. On the wall near the table hung a magazine holder that does not attract attention, and the elegant mirror Lady O from the Italian brand Miniforms not only serves as a decorative element, but also makes the kitchen space more airy and light, scattering light and reflecting the outlines of the corridor. The area of ​​the only room is only 14Squares, so the work was complex. To ensure that the room does not seem cramped, light colors are taken as the basis: white, shades of gray and the texture of the oak parquet board on the floor. The main place was occupied by a folding sofa, the piano "Red October" and a large white cabinet in the whole wall with mirror surfaces. In its open and closed sections, the main storage systems are concentrated. At the window designers have allocated a place for the working area, turning the window sill into a table top. Its future interior customer sawModern, but not devoid of eclectic elements, which appeared in the living room along with bright accents. Modern paintings and photographs in old frames, cushions with various prints and unexpected objects of bright red, turquoise, violet and other rich colors together give an interesting effect - the interior wants to be seen. In order to maximize the usable area,Loggia decided to turn inventory instead of inventory into a full zone for reading. For this, the loggia was insulated by replacing the double-glazed windows and making a warm floor, the holders for the books and magazines of Opinion Ciatti were hung on the walls and added comfortable comfortable Kartell armchairs, Magis tables and Belgian Delta Light lamps. The combined bathroom was decorated in a warm colorGamma, using for finishing the walls and floor Italian granite Marca Corona. In a small area - only 3.2 square meters. M - it was possible to place a full bath, and a capacious sink. The last customer wanted to make such that on it it was possible to expand all necessary. For this, the designers have provided a curb under the sink with a countertop, on which you can hold everything that the hostess needs. For storage, boxes in a cabinet and several open shelves in niches were allocated. The entrance hall was designed according to the principle "only the mostNecessary: ​​to the right of the entrance door hung a set of five multi-colored hooks from Miniforms, to the left - a custom-made bar with a closed storage system and a small shelf for small items. In this interior were used: Kitchen:

  • The set is made to order according to sketches of designers;
  • Refrigerator - Liebherr (Germany);
  • Extractor hood, oven, hob and dishwasher - Neff (Germany);
  • Magazine holder - Matière Grise (France), Knick collection;
  • Mirror Miniforms (Italy), model Lady O;
  • Table top made of quartz stone - Caesarstone (Spain);
  • Kitchen sink made of copper is made to order according to sketches of designers;
  • Kitchen mixer - Zorg (Czech Republic);
  • Dining table - Miniforms (Italy);
  • Chair - Kartell (Italy);
  • Lighting - Nordal (Denmark), Delta Light (Belgium);
  • Porcelain tiles on the floor - Pastorelli (Italy).


  • Carpet - Liniedesign (Denmark), model Acacia;
  • Sofa bed - Prostoria (Croatia);
  • Chair - Kartell (Italy);
  • Coffee table - Miniforms (Italy);
  • Chair - Plushalle (Denmark), model Stella;
  • Outdoor lamp - Marset (Italy);
  • Table lamp - Kartell (Italy);
  • Table lamp (black) - & Tradition (Denmark);
  • Built-in lighting - Delta Light (Belgium);
  • Parquet board - Barlinek (Germany);
  • Decorative plaster - OIKOS (Italy).


  • Magazine holders - Opinion Ciatti (Italy), model Ptolomeo Raw;
  • Chairs - Kartell (Italy);
  • Tables - Magis (Italy);
  • Lighting - Delta Light (Belgium).


  • Bath - Gruppo Treesse (Italy);
  • Hose with shower and watering can - Nicolazzi (Italy);
  • Ceramic sink - Cielo (Italy);
  • Mixer - Nicolazzi (Italy);
  • Toilet pendant - Agape (Italy);
  • Installation system - TECE (Germany);
  • Hygienic shower - Bossini (Italy);
  • Countertop under the sink - Du Pont (USA);
  • Towel dryer - Install Project (Poland);
  • Lighting - Karman (Italy);
  • Porcelain stoneware - Marca Corona (Italy).


  • Washing machine - Bosch (Germany);
  • Lighting - Delta Light (Belgium);
  • Porcelain stoneware - Marca Corona (Italy).

Entrance hall:

  • Wall hooks - Miniforms (Italy), collection Chiodo;
  • The curbstone is made to order according to the sketches of designers;
  • Pendant light - Artemide (Italy);
  • Wall lamp - Nordal (Denmark);
  • Built-in lighting - Delta Light (Belgium);
  • Interior doors are made to order;
  • Granite - Pastorelli (Italy).