The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

One-room apartment design: how to arrange furniture and visually increase the space


What to do if the area allows you to highlightseveral rooms, but the apartment has only two windows? How to plan six functional areas without using a single blank partition? Let's look at the example of a one-room apartment for a married couple - this apartment looks twice as large as it actually is. How important is the presence of a design project and the help of a professional when renovating? There are many answers to this question: someone does an excellent job on their own, while someone prefers to entrust the creation of an interior to a professional. This story is just about the case when you should not start renovating an apartment without the help of a designer. The owners of this apartment on Halabyan Street are a middle-aged married couple. He is an employee of a large company, she is a housewife. They love to travel, lead an active lifestyle. There is an adult daughter living separately. The couple turned to the designer at the stage of the already begun renovation: a rough finish was completed, a partition in the bathroom was built, the walls and ceilings in the residential part of the apartment were plastered, wires were brought out for some lighting fixtures, socket boxes were installed for sockets, which were clearly not enough, and a sofa was bought -transformer with upholstery in a practical color. Sofia Todorovskaya, designer Has been designing private and public interiors since 1999. She studied interior design at the Department of Design of the Architectural Environment of the Moscow Architectural Institute. Member of the international association "Union of Designers". The main thing in her work is the freedom of creativity and at the same time the ability to hear the customer, respect his attitude, because without sensitivity, sincerity and trust, professionalism alone is not enough. [email protected], +7 916 0894033 It would seem that at this stageall that was left was to finish the renovation, buy furniture, lamps, accessories and move into a new apartment. However, the owners quickly realized that they could not cope with a number of important tasks on their own: from competent planning and arrangement of furniture to the correct location of sockets and the arrangement of the bathroom. This is how the cooperation between the customers and Sophia began: a design project was urgently made, and at the same time finishing materials were selected, furniture and lamps were ordered. Sofia Todorovskaya, designer:- Much of what was done by the builders had to be redone. The walls were channeled, adding leads for sconces and ceiling lamps, and they moved the locations of the sockets, since after choosing the main pieces of furniture and placing it accurately on the plan, it became clear that some outlets would be blocked. At this stage, the customers incurred certain financial costs and realized that by ordering a design project before the start of the repair, they would save not only time, but also material resources. Since the area of ​​this apartment is 62 sq. m - large enough for a one-room apartment, and there are only two windows, the main task of the designer was to make functional zoning of the space. They decided not to use the deaf partitions so that daylight could freely penetrate into all the premises of the apartment. During the redevelopment, six functional areas were formed in the apartment: an entrance hall, a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom. The bathroom was enlarged at the expense of the entrance hall, the opening from which to the living room was dismantled, leaving only the partition so that there was no feeling of fragmentation of the space. In the process of discussing the stylistics of the futurethe interior designer and customers came to a common opinion - the apartment should be modern, without classic elements. So that the design in this style does not turn out to be too minimalistic, Sophia suggested making the interior in the contemporary style: eco-friendly, functional, comfortable, cozy and associated with the concept of “luxurious simplicity”. To preserve the integrity of the space, the same wallpaper was used throughout the apartment - a light smoky color. The same was done when choosing floor coverings, choosing the color of ceramic tiles for the hallway, kitchen and office as close as possible to the color of the silver-steel engineering array in the living room and bedroom. Sofia Todorovskaya, designer:- The base for contemporary style is considered to be a neutral color scheme: black, white, shades of gray, beige and brown. These colors create the perfect base for bold accents. Smooth shapes and clean lines are one of the main features of interiors in this style. In order not to clutter up the living space with wardrobes, it was decided to equip a storage system for all clothes and other necessary things in the hallway, which also serves as a dressing room. The large mirror visually enlarges the space, while the Montbel pouf with muted dark purple upholstery serves as a color accent. In the living room area, the owners of the apartment encounteredtwo problems: where to place the TV and how to separate the living room from the kitchen, without blocking the access to natural light. The solution was found in the form of a partition made of grooved blocks with a height of 2 meters, and the rest of the distance was decided to be decorated with a stained glass window made of colored glass, made using the tiffany technique. Thus, it turned out to be an almost isolated living room, bright and cozy. A dark purple carpet made from 100% wool adds brightness to the interior. The Bruhl transforming sofa, if necessary, performs the function of an extra bed. The Flai coffee table made of transparent curved glass looks light and airy, and the container fixed on the table top also maintains the color of the carpet in a dark purple shade. The same color is also present in the stained glass elements and on the cushions on the sofa. The kitchen area was left in the same place, settingroomy kitchen set from Beckermann. made of quartz agglomerate. The work surface is illuminated by hidden illumination, and the central ceiling lamp with corrugated glass shades is combined with glass elements in the stained glass window. Sofia Todorovskaya, designer:- My customers cannot live without news and sports programs, they must be aware of everything that is happening now in the world. Therefore, one of their wishes was to place TVs in each main area of ​​the apartment: in the bedroom, in the living room and in the kitchen. For this, a small partition appeared, which formed a cozy corner with a dining group, a sconce and a TV in the kitchen. It was decided to place the bedroom in a bay window area with full natural light. It was fenced off from the public area by a Poliform shelving unit with open shelves that allow light from the window to enter the living room, and closed elements in which you can store personal belongings. The bed was chosen with a high headboard trimmed with folded fabric: it gives it an elegant and at the same time cozy look. A TV and Poliform modular storage system were installed on the opposite wall. At the request of customers in the bedroom area allocatedPlace for an armchair in which one could safely read a book by the window. Above the head of the bed installed a panel of colored glass, made in the technique of tiffany. To create a chamber and cozy atmosphere, a bedside lamp with a textile lampshade was placed at the bed, making the light soft and diffused. The curtain is made of natural fabric, which includes flax and cotton. Quite difficult for work was the bathroomroom. First, the main desire of customers was the shower. In this case, the bathroom had to contain a bath, a washing machine, drying for linen and all necessary equipment. Secondly, when they decided to expand the bathroom, it turned out that only 200 mm was missing, so that the shower cubicle and equipment would fall into place. As a result, the doorway had to be removed, and on the sides of it a sink with a curbstone on one side and a washing machine and a dryer on the other. For finishing in the bathroom, ceramic tiles and a Marazzi mosaic of the color of natural stone from the Stone collection were chosen. To equip the apartment with a full workingPlace, decided to use the area of ​​the balcony: it was insulated and arranged under the cabinet. It housed a workstation with a computer and a Poliform shelf for storing books and documents, and Roman curtains made of natural linen cloth were installed on the windows. Sofia Todorovskaya, designer:- When I started the project, the customers immediately accepted my proposals for the planning and arrangement of furniture and equipment - it was very easy to work with them. Their trust and willingness to correct mistakes made earlier have been very inspiring for me while working on this project. In this interior were used: Entrance hall:

  • Cabinets - Novamobili (Italy), model Unika;
  • Pouf - Montbel (Italy), model Newport;
  • Ceiling luminaire - ICONE (Italy), Soffione collection;
  • Ceramic tiles - Sant Agostino (Italy), Ferro Gray collection;
  • Parquet board - "StroyInvest" (Russia), collection "Silvery fog";
  • Wallpaper - Origin (Netherlands), catalog Manor House;
  • The mirror is the Moscow Mirror Factory.

Living room:

  • Sofa - Bruhl (Germany) model Nook;
  • Coffee table - Flai (Italy) model Alvor;
  • Shelving - Poliform (Italy), model Componenti Wall System;
  • TV cabinet for TV - Poliform (Italy), Sintesi modular storage system;
  • Ceiling lamp - Verpan (Denmark), collection Fun;
  • Bra - Terzani (Italy), the Tresor collection;
  • Carpet - Alp (Italy), collection Domestic;
  • Stained glass - studio of Svetlana Mikhailova;
  • Parquet board - "StroyInvest" (Russia), collection "Silvery fog";
  • Wallpaper - Origin (Netherlands), catalog Manor House.


  • Kitchen - Beckermann (Germany), model Colorado;
  • Built-in technology - ZUG (Switzerland);
  • Refrigerator - Liebherr (Germany);
  • Mixer - Dorn Bracht (Germany), series Dorn Bracht Elio;
  • Table - Andreu World (Spain), model Woody;
  • Chairs - Andreu World (Spain), model Carola;
  • Sconce - ICONE (Italy), Soffione collection;
  • Ceiling lamp - ILFARI (Italy), Moonlight Party collection;
  • Ceramic tiles - SANT AGOSTINO (Italy), Ferro Gray collection;
  • Wallpaper - Origin (Netherlands), catalog Manor House.


  • Bed - Flou (Italy), model Argan;
  • Curbstone for TV - Poliform (Italy);
  • Modular storage system - Sintesi;
  • Shelving - Poliform (Italy), Componenti Wall System;
  • Ceiling lamp - Verpan (Denmark), collection Fun;
  • Wallpaper - Origin (Netherlands), catalog Manor House;
  • Parquet board - "StroyInvest" (Russia), collection "Silvery fog";
  • Curtains - own production of Sofia Todorovskaya, fabric from the collection of Zimmer + Rohde (Germany).


  • Shelving - Poliform (Italy), Componenti Wall System;
  • The table is made to order;
  • Chair - Andreu World (Spain), model Lineal Corporate;
  • Wallpaper - Origin (Netherlands), catalog Manor House;
  • Ceramic tiles - SANT AGOSTINO (Italy), Ferro Gray collection;
  • Curtains Roman - own production of Sofia Todorovskaya, fabric from the collection of Zimmer + Rohde (Germany).


  • Ceramic tiles - Marazzi (Italy), Stone collection;
  • Bath - Duravit (Germany), model DuraStyle;
  • Toilet bowl - Duravit (Germany), model DuraStyle;
  • Mirror - Duravit (Germany), model DuraStyle;
  • Suspended cabinet - Duravit (Germany), model Darling New;
  • Sink - Duravit (Germany), model Darling New;
  • Mixers - Hansgrohe Axor (Germany), model Urquiola;
  • Washing machine - Miele (Germany);
  • Drying machine - Miele (Germany);
  • Door between the rooms - Barausse (Italy), model Tortora Soft On.