The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

One-room apartment design in IKEA style: Swedish furniture and interior items


Interiors, fully furnished with objects from IKEA, we meet infrequently. In this apartment everything, from beds to cups, was brought from the retail space of the most famous Swedish brand

Transformation of this 80-meter apartment in MalagaTook only two weeks, but the result is more than impressive. Meterage, of course, is not bad, but if we take into account the number of tenants, and the four of them, it becomes clear that to provide a comfortable pastime for everyone individually and all together in this area is not so simple.

Those of us who often look in IKEA,Probably admired the beauty and organicness of the ready-made interiors presented there. Looking at how gracefully the designers of this Swedish brand solve the issues of functionality and aesthetics in conditions of limited footage, you realize that nothing is impossible.

In this interior IKEA facilities were appliedTo the maximum. Basis of the interior palette was two shades - white and gray. As the color accents in each room used its own shade: in the living room - yellow, in the nursery - red, in the bedroom - blue. Ideal for breakfast, a tiny kitchen with a folding table is completely white. Full-value family dinners are usually served in the dining area of ​​the living room. Pay attention - all textiles, decor and accessories also belong to the IKEA brand.