Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Design of one-room apartment in minimalism and eco-style


Panels with panoramic views of Rio, colored lights and woodon the floor, walls and ceiling - designer Evgenia Ermolaeva turned a modest one-room apartment into a bright and modern space for the life of a young couple and their pet The inhabitants of this small one-room apartment are a young couple and their charming Chihuahua dog. The guys prefer natural materials, value practical solutions and wanted to get just such an interior: environmentally friendly and functional, with a large number of storage systems. The head of the EEDS studio, designer Evgenia Ermolaeva, took on this task in a small area. Evgenia Ermolaeva, EEDS studio Evgenia is a designer and head of her own EEDS studio. Graduate of the Electrostal Polytechnic Institute. She began her career as an artist-designer in a private furniture manufacturing company, eventually realized herself as an interior designer and visualizer. He considers the main advantages of his studio to be a huge creative potential, an individual approach to each project, a thorough study of tasks and a wide experience of productive activities. Due to the peculiarities of the layout, it was impossible to fully isolate the premises, and the kitchen area remained a walk-through at all. Solved this problem with decorative wood panels that visually unite the rooms. It was also necessary to play up and emphasize the supporting structures - beams and columns. And in order to visually increase the space of the apartment, Evgenia removed the partition between the kitchen and the hallway. Plan "before" Since the landlords are not indifferent tonatural materials, the main concept of the interior, the designer chose a modern style with elements. It was decided to dilute neutral natural shades with orange textiles, and colored lighting allows you to transform the interior according to your mood, choosing any colors: from natural, if you want to relax, to bright, if a party is being held in the house. In the kitchen-hallway area, the designer decided toMake the most of the vertical surface and usable wall height by organizing a large storage system with mezzanines. and wooden framed facades support the eco-theme and make it more colorful, and the geometric pattern on the floor gives the interior dynamism. Furniture for the dining group was purchased in IKEA, andKitchen set ordered in "Stylish Kitchens". In order not to spoil the decorative finish in the area of ​​the apron, a special protective glass panel was installed along the perimeter of the kitchen countertop. Niche between the columns in the living room Eugene decidedZadekorirovat using a panel with a landscape of Rio at sunset, because the owners of the apartment is very fond of traveling. This method is especially relevant in small rooms, as it adds perspective to them. The small space of the living room was decided notclutter up, placing only the most necessary in it: a folding table on wheels, which is convenient to move aside for the night, and a TV group with a small closed storage system. In the bay window,Which was separated from the rest of the space by a decorative partition and duplicated by a thick curtain, which if desired can be fenced off for quiet work. In the bathroom the eco-stylistics is supportedIris tiles with the texture of natural stone. For one of the walls Eugene chose an invigorating and sunny shade of yellow. In the cabinet under the sink built-in washing machine, and the bath for the sake of space saving replaced a spacious shower from the Italian brand Cezares. In this interior were used: Entrance hall:

  • Cabinet furniture - Senator (UK);
  • Overhead lamps - SLV (Germany);
  • Decorative plaster - Baldini (Italy);
  • Engineering board - Finex (Russia).


  • Glass pane - Biglass (Russia);
  • Furniture - IKEA (Sweden);
  • Kitchen set - "Stylish kitchens" (Russia);
  • Lighting - MDM-Light (Russia), SLV (Germany);
  • Decorative plaster - Baldini (Italy);
  • Decorative brick - "Perfect Stone" (Russia);
  • Engineering board - Finex (Russia).


  • Sofa - FORMA (Russia);
  • Table - Cosmorelax (Russia);
  • Lighting fixtures - SLV (Germany);
  • Fresco - Applico (Russia);
  • Wooden panels - LETO (Russia);
  • Decorative plaster - Baldini (Italy);
  • Engineering board - Finex (Russia).


  • Shower cabin - Cezares (Italy);
  • Lighting - MDM-Light (Russia);
  • Tiles - Iris (Italy).