The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

One-room apartment design with large bedroom


One bedroom apartment with separate bedroom andA full-fledged living room - it's great, but if the authors manage to put a wardrobe room in this volume, you can only admire. Let's do it together

You can get the most out of the space in different ways.ways. It all depends on the task. Someone needs isolated rooms, someone needs an open space flooded with light and air. In this project, one of the tasks set for the authors was the creation of a spacious dressing room. For this, even the bedroom had to be mounted under the very ceiling. Oksana Tsymbalova, interior designer

Designer of interior of residential and public premisesIn accordance with the international standard of the profession IIDA. Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Tyumen State University, the International School of Design with a degree in Designer of Residential and Public Premises, as well as the Victoria Yakusha Course (Ukraine, Kiev).

Travels a lot for inspiration, passesrefresher courses both in Russia and abroad. Author of numerous master classes, participant and speaker of various events. The customer is a young, successful girl. The main wishes of the customer:

  • Create a warm atmosphere and a cozy home;
  • Provide a sleeping place and a rest area;
  • Develop as many storage areas as possible, and most importantly - a large dressing room.

- We got a one-room flat with free planning, with a very nice view of Krasnogorsk.

Several planning solutions were developed, but I really wanted to provide for the hostess, so they were looking for the best option.

Have stopped on the planning decision, whereProvided mezzanine, under which and placed a roomy wardrobe with a ceiling height of 1,850 mm, at the top of the sleeper, where the height was 1,000 mm. Of course, it will not work, but this is enough for sitting and sleeping.

Particular attention was paid to lighting and ventilation insleep zone. Provided the maximum number of lamps, which made it possible to increase comfort in a small space. The leading one to the mezzanine is made according to our sketch, and there is a storage area in each of its steps. At the same time, we have provided for the illumination of the steps at night.

The interior is designed in the style of eco-minimalism, with the addition of some bright details. So, we had a phytosten in the window area and beautiful yellow chairs in the dining area.

A workspace was also organized around the window.The podium under the window made it possible to provide additional storage space, and also a small workspace and a recreation area were organized on it. We did not cover the beautiful view of the dynamic city from the window with curtains. We also provided for the installation of a window sill-table, which perfectly hid the heating radiator (but did not disturb the heat exchange in the apartment) and made it possible to watch the movement, philosophize, drink coffee, and communicate with friends at any time of the day.

Despite the minimalism of the premises, it was possible to createQuiet multi-functional space with numerous areas in which you forget about the small footage of the apartment. A white kitchen with a wooden insert, a dining area and a sitting area is located in the open space, but these areas are, in our opinion, complementary, in our opinion.

To maintain the room height of the floor slabcleaned and decorated with a thin layer of decorative coating to soften the color. All overhead lighting is surface-mounted, and wiring has been routed to add style and character to the space.

In the bathroom provided for the hozblok, which housed a washing machine with drying, buckets, mops, as well as home chemistry.

Visualizations: Anton Yakushev.