Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Design studio apartments in the marine style: blue in a light interior


In this very small studio is cozy, light andas if it smells of the sea. This is an excellent example of how a white interior, diluted with water shades, becomes softer and fresher. For a summer house - an ideal variant

Working on the interior dubbed MattinaMare, the authors of the project wanted to show that high-quality interior design is not necessarily expensive materials and branded content. TZAM Architects offered the client a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, inviting, tactile and emotionally friendly space for a fair price, especially considering the economic realities of recent years. The chief architect of the company told us about all the intricacies of creating a project. Architectural bureau TZAM Architects Founded in 2004, the bureau has offices in Moscow, Burgas and London. The main activities of the company were conceptual architectural and urban planning, design of residential and public interiors, architectural education and intellectual property rights to works of architecture and design. TZAM Architects projects are exhibited at major international exhibitions: Zodchestvo (Moscow), MIPIM (Cannes), Expo Real (Munich), etc.

- The interior of this studio was designed by a team of TZAM Architects specialists for the Mojito Club Holiday Residence complex, located on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

The customer was placed before the architectsthe task is to develop an economical, but at the same time an aesthetically attractive interior with a "sea spirit", which takes into account the needs of the residents and guests of the apart-hotel during their holidays.

Relatively small area, severalelongated in terms of the form of the studio and the customer's requirement to place in it everything necessary for comfortable living of people were the initial factors determining factors in the choice of many design solutions. The idea of ​​the ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu that it is the emptiness that makes up the essence of the house became our creative credo while working on this interior. In other words, light, air and nothing superfluous.

The main studio room with the help of furnituregroups and wooden laths were divided into three zones: the hallway, the kitchen area and the living room area, which at night becomes a bedroom. Other premises of the studio, namely a combined bathroom and a terrace, were originally separated by walls, so redevelopment with "wet" work was not required.

About wooden partitions it is necessary to sayseparately. These light and structurally simple interior elements, made to order by author's drawings, play an important role in it: visually they zonate space, while remaining practically invisible, letting light and air planes. Thus, the division of the studio into almost square in terms of the zone contributes to the creation of a visual sensation of simplicity and harmony.

The kitchen is made according to the drawings of the authors to ordera local private craftsman and equipped with everything necessary, including a hob, oven, hood, built-in refrigerator, and built-in washing machine. When designing kitchen furniture, the sequence of work of the housewife during cooking on the principle of a triangle is taken into account: storage -> cutting -> heat treatment -> storage.

Behind the bar you can quickly have a snack, sit with a glass of wine or work on a laptop. Also, in addition to its direct purpose, it is designed to visually divide the kitchen and living room.

In a small studio at night the living room becomes a bedroom, so there is a comfortable and large folding sofa.

Cozy sitting on the chair, you can readbook, and for greater comfort, use a soft pouf as a footrest. If necessary, the same pouf performs the function of a tea table, if you place on it a custom-made wooden tray-countertop.

The choice of the manufacturer of upholstered furniture was carried outauthors by the criteria of "price", "quality", "environmental friendliness", as well as "good design" - a concept that essentially includes all these components. Not surprisingly, the result was the selection of products from the world-famous IKEA brand.

It was important for us that the furniture was made offriendly materials. The smell of formaldehyde in residential space is a professional failure. Therefore, manufacturers chose from among firms that attach importance to modern environmental certification.

The TV is suspended from the wall on a bracket withthe possibility of turning towards the kitchen. The terrace overlooks the sea, and since in summer many residents and guests of the complex prefer to dine al fresco, there is a table and chairs made of artificial material "under rattan" - economical and resistant to weathering.

The bathroom is equipped with a toilet of the Polish company Kolo,built-in washbasin of the Bulgarian company Linea, a shower cabin without a shower tray and a heated towel rail. For storage of towels and other bathroom accessories, a cupboard is provided under the sink.

Undoubtedly, the image of the sea in the viewmost people associate with blue color, besides this color promotes relaxation and contemplation, which is of special importance for the inhabitants of modern megacities during the long-awaited vacation. However, the color of the sea is used only as an accent, the main thing remains white - the color of purity, freshness and emptiness, so highly appreciated by the Chinese thinker and following him by the authors of the project, according to which the chosen color gamut visually enlarges the space and fills it with light and air.

According to the authors of the project, lighting is one of thethe most important and at the same time complex components of a quality interior. Here attention was paid to location, technical characteristics, design, operational reliability of lighting devices, and in addition to these criteria their price.

The hall area and kitchen are illuminated with metallamps of minimalist design IKEA, above the bar and above the mirrors next to the wardrobe are suspended three lanterns in retrostylistics, purchased in one of the shops in Burgas. In the living room are a chandelier, sconces and floor lamp in a single style with fabric lampshades - simple, economical and at the same time elegant solution.

The complex, in which the studio is located, is 70 meters from the sea, and this circumstance has largely determined the choice of finishing materials.

The walls of the main room are painted with white paint, resistant to high humidity and the formation of microorganisms.

In the hallway one of the walls is studded with woodenpanels and painted in blue matte paint. This decision is designed to separate the hallway from the rest of the room, as well as visually cut the longest wall of the studio.

In the bathroom the lower part of the walls to a height of 1.7 metersfinished with ceramic tiles made in Spain, the upper part of the walls is painted with a blue waterproof paint. The floor of the bathroom is lined with ceramic tiles of Italian production of a complex layout, consisting of white tiles 30 x 30 cm in combination with a black mosaic tile 5 x 5 cm.

Textile elements of the interior, viz.decorative pillows and rugs, picked up in Bourgas decor stores. Curtains are sewn to order by author's sketches of tactilely pleasant fabrics of Italian manufacture.