Design wallpaper for the hall: the choice of wallpaper and room decorating techniques

The living room or hall is the central room ineach apartment. It is in it that all members of the family spend most of the time, here they meet guests, they gather relatives and friends for family celebrations. Therefore, the interior of the living room should be stylish. Under the style is understood not only design and design, but also a comfortable and cozy environment in which both furniture and decor combine organically and constitute a single ensemble. Furniture items, floor covering, wallpaper design for the hall, accessories and even lighting are the main components of the interior of this type of room. Design of wallpaper for the hallIt should be remembered that the light colors of the wallpapervisually expand the space. Since the wall of any room is the most important element of decoration, it is given maximum attention. After all, how well the design of the wallpaper is chosen and the color solution depends on the atmosphere of the room, and the mood of its occupants.

Halloween wallpaper - choice of material and colors

Color matching scheme. The best way to decorate the walls of any room is the wallpaper. Painting of walls and decorative plaster as alternative ways of surface design of walls can be combined with their gluing. The following are their varieties:

  • Paper (environmentally friendly and safe, but completely unstable to moisture).
  • Vinyl (strong and moisture-resistant, not burnt out by the sun, with a service life of 10 years).
  • Non-woven (the surface can be painted, thereby changing the color of the entire interior).
  • Textile (very demanding in the care, but give a luxurious and rich look).
  • Bamboo (reed or cork - non-standard wallpaper, eco-friendly and exquisite).
  • The design of wallpaper and their colors is selected withtaking into account the area of ​​the hall and its general features. The room of a small area visually increases with the help of pastel tones. Therefore in this case blue, green and beige are suitable for the hall. The effect of a higher ceiling is achieved by gluing the wallpaper with a vertical strip. The spacious and bright rooms can have in their design a rich and even dark colors. Back to contents</a>

    Techniques of decorating wallpaper

    The design of wallpapering can be varied and non-standard. The recommended order of gluing wallpaper in the hall. This gives the room its originality and uniqueness. In modern design, numerous wall design techniques are used, which allows to transform and make the interior of the hall unique. So, wallpaper gluing has variations:

  • Scandinavian decoration - simultaneoususe of monochrome wallpaper and those that have a vivid drawing. In this case, the emphasis is placed on individual furniture items, original decor and accessories.
  • Companions: design of gluing, in which two any walls are glued with wallpaper of one type, and others - of a different type. In this case they have a contrasting color or a combination of monochrome and wallpaper with patterns and print is used.
  • All kinds of combinations: vertical stripes, dividing walls into horizons, wallpaper inserts, patchwork, niches and projections.
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    Rules for choosing wallpaper for the hall

    When choosing wallpaper of a particular species, you shouldadhere to certain rules to avoid mistakes. The wallpaper in the roll has a slightly different look, so the first recommendation is to roll out a small amount of roll and attach it to the wall. When choosing a combined decoration option, one should choose from one manufacturer's collection. It is necessary to take into account the features of the room: area, illumination, ceiling height, the presence of niches, the number of windows, other architectural features. In addition, it is important to check the availability of a certificate, because only certified wallpapers meet hygiene standards.