Small apartments

Designer interior of a small apartment in Sao Paulo

In the city of Sao Paulo, this 45-meter is locatedapartment. The designers had a difficult task. They needed to make it a convenient, multifunctional room that would meet the basic requirements of customers. So what can people use in their lives?

  • The most important task is a competent change.
  • In this room, the designer removed all the walls that he could, and instead of them used sliding partitions dividing the room into night and day zones.
  • You are the same as Mauricio, for the most partYou can choose white color and only for some elements of decor and furniture - different shades of gray. At your own risk, he used a wooden panel in the living room. This decision led to a good result. Here, the designer preferred compact and comfortable furniture.
  • To increase the space in those apartments where small kitchens can be made.
  • In order to create an atmosphere of simplicity and lightness, the craftsmen completed the facade. They took the transparent fittings and furniture.
  • Ceiling lights should be as simple as possible. This approach will help in dividing the lighting into different zones.
  • A warm atmosphere, coziness and comfort in the room will help you create precisely small details. Agree, they give softness to cold shades and do not spoil the whole interior as a whole.
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