Interior of a two-room apartment

Design interior typical "dvushki" in the house P-44

Floor plan in colored paints Especiallythis project will be interesting for those who are expecting a replenishment in the family. This design was developed for a young family waiting for a baby, which already has one child. This property has flat walls, which is very good for the owners of the apartment, as the other houses have a completely different story. The floors are also flat, with no deviation above 2 centimeters. The balcony was completely redone, because the old design was frozen in winter, and they decided to insulate it. The exit to the balcony was made in the French style in order to increase the living space of 55 square meters of the apartment, in which there was no possibility to expand the premises. Low ceilings did not allow for a special flight of the designers' imagination.

Entrance hall

The apartment, located in the house of the P-44 series, has a large closet with a mezzanine for storing things and shoes. Emerald entrance area details To visuallyto expand living space, hallway decorated in the same colors as the living room. The server and the router to reduce noise hid on a closed shelf. The electrical panel was put on a special decorative screen, and now it can serve to store newspapers and magazines. Comfortable shoe cabinet

Living room

Children's room is completely isolated, and the living roomadapted to sleep the owners of a two-room apartment. It contains spacious wardrobes for clothes and shelves for books, a chest of drawers for storing bed linen, a sleeping area and a convenient office of the customer. Chocolate furniture on the light floor because of the lowthe ceilings in this apartment did not hang large chandeliers, but used ordinary ceiling lights. An unusual cabinet for the TV and the shelf, located above it, as well as some pieces of furniture were made according to the drawings of designers. The rack, which consists of wooden squares, separates the working area from the main and is a bright element in this room. It can store documents and various necessary things, and some can be used as a bedside table. Plants to improve the ecology of the roomThe main emphasis in the design of the apartment was put on color. The white walls contrast with the bright turquoise and chocolate colors in the details of furniture and decoration, which does not annoy the apartment residents, but adds dynamism to the interior. An interesting solution in the bedroom-living room was the outstretched string to accommodate various family photos and children's drawings. Minimum furniture in a spacious bedroom


An element of eco style is a green apron that looks like a summer meadow. Rounded shapes of kitchen set The glossy surfaces of the kitchen visually increase a small area. Uncertain graphics of the window sill of the dining area Striped pillows on solid chairs. There are no doors between the dining room and the hallway so that the room seems more spacious. Soft facades of kitchen furniture

Bedroom for children

Children did, taking into account the interests of all herresidents, even those who have not yet been born. On both sides of the window they put two identical cabinets, and the working surface, located along the window, can accommodate several children. A bunk bed was placed near the entrance on the right side. Bright room for small children In the center of the room there is a free play area, indicated by a soft emerald-colored rug. Pink-green children's bedroom accents Fluffy grass for fun games


Bathroom combined with a toilet to increase the area of ​​the bathroom. Blue-and-blue tile in a graphic pattern. In the new bathroom there is a large bathroom, and on the side under the sink there was a place for a washing machine. Sterile room with bright accents Such a range of white and blue shades adds freshness to the bathroom. Unusual tile placement on white wall background Full layout of all accents of new design Apartment plan in numbers Furniture Placement Plan Plan a new layout without unnecessary partitions