Interior design of the children's room: ideas for the game room

And what kind of children's room did you dream of when you werechild? Perhaps, each of us in my childhood dreamed that he was surrounded by a magical castle, a fairy forest, a ship or wild jungle. Ask your child what he likes, and try to equip his room according to his preferences. You will not regret! After all, it is in a pleasant and beautiful environment that children learn and develop better. We offer you a selection of the most beautiful children's rooms.

1. Hello Kitty in Taiwan

This is not even a room, but a whole house in the style of HelloKitty: pink facades, pink rooms, pink restaurant and bathrooms. It is built in Taiwan and hosts guests (as a real holiday home), so anyone can take it for a while.

2. Pink room for two girls

The area of ​​this room is quite small - 10 square meters. m. A two-story bed in such cases is an optimal and very functional solution. The room turned out to be very compact and both nice and cozy.

3. Children's play

This room is a real gaming paradise and forboy, and for the girl! There is a house, a kitchen with a living room, and even a hill, on which it is quite possible to ride. The room is in one of the Spanish apartments, and was invented by its designer Olga Lopez de Vera.

4. The room for the boy

To accustom a child to order is best from childhood. Organize in his room interesting and convenient systems for storing toys and things. Let them become for him something like a game.

5. Bright room for the baby

Children love everything in color. It is believed that this helps them to develop better. So do not disdain colorful pictures or vinyl stickers on the walls in your child's room. And such an original regiment will attract even more of his attention.

6. A bed for two

If you have two children and only one room forthem, not scary. Bunk beds open unlimited possibilities for creating a comfortable space. So, a place under the top bed can be occupied by storage boxes, a small dressing room or even a table, beyond which children could learn to write and read.

7. The hut in the room

Who did not build in the childhood huts and houses ofsheets and blankets ?! Such games are very popular with children of different ages. And if you help them build such a hut, you can at the same time play the game you have already forgotten. Your child will definitely appreciate it.

8. A smart room

It is believed that children have better learning in the gameform. Having placed such a card on the wall, you will help the child to prepare for the beginning of school. Perhaps, thanks to funny and colorful drawings, he even will remember in which countries which animals live.

We need to remember a few simple principles

  • Be sure to take into account the child's age and interests.
  • If you do not want to argue with your daughter because of the damaged wallpaper, furniture and surrounding objects, make in her room a drawing board or a corner in which you can draw directly on the walls.
  • Choose furniture not only beautiful, but also as much as possible safe (from the point of view of ecological compatibility of materials and protection against traumas).
  • Draw on the walls of a character who is morejust like your child, or paint the room in his favorite color: he should be pleased to be in the place where he spends the most time.
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