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Design of a three-room apartment in the style of minimalism

The usual treshka turned out to be quite unusual, the doorIn the bedroom you will not find, even if you really want, and if you find it, you will not be able to open it anyway. Why? Read more In this apartment there are a lot of unusual finds, the most interesting of them is the hidden entrance to the bedroom through a chipped lock. Dmitry Ulitin, architect, and Anastasia Taratuta, interior designer

Artzona.Ru is a creative and family duet of designers Dmitry Ulitin and Nastya Taratuta. Since 2006, the company has been implementing various projects that unite the main thing - the desire to change the world, creating comfortable spaces and objects.

"We are happy people: we can afford to work on what we are interested in, and with those who like us."

Education: MGHPA named after SG Stroganov (department "Industrial art").

Awards: Many awards at international architectural competitions. The apartment was originally an open plan, so we did not have to dismantle and move the partitions. We offered several options, and the customers chose the one that they liked best. The main idea was to divide the apartment into two parts - open (general, tusovochnaya) and private (secret, master). The door to the private area is hidden in a large built-in wardrobe. It opens with the help of a chip card. The door does not give out itself in any way - you can not see any handles or hinges. The color solution was originally conceivedMaximally neutral. There are practically no colors here - the whole interior is in gray shades, the ceilings and walls are white, the built-in furniture is gray or mirror, the kitchen is white, with a white apron. This approach allowed to fill the space with air and light. To the interior was not "cold" and uncomfortable, they chose a brushed parquet board of natural oak color. Only in the bedroom for the creation of the effect of chamberiness, a dark ceiling was chosen, and a cream shade was added to the color of the facades. The idea of ​​such a colorless interior is to fill it with colored accessories and textiles (what can easily be changed and supplemented), such space can not get bored or somehow press. But the mood in it is very easy to create - it's enough to buy a blanket, bright cushions for window sills, a few glass vases and pots with flowers - any color will perfectly fit into the white-gray space. Almost all the furniture is made according to our sketches to order in the Moscow workshops. Also we created a series of lamps and decor elements especially for this apartment. The master bathroom is interesting finishing -Heat-treated ash and stone mosaic. Interesting plumbing - a semi-built toilet and bidet on a single wooden box. Opinion of the editorial office: - The heat-treated wood is produced as follows: in the vacuum chamber, all organic matter is burnt out of wood, only the crystal lattice remains, that is, it is deformed, there is simply nothing to rot and deteriorate. But once a year, it is desirable to cover such wood with special oil. All furniture is also made according to our sketches - lockers, drawers, dressing table in the corner. As a light source, an LED strip is used in a matte white case, built-in between the boards on the ceiling. Instead of a curtain - a glass partition. Guest bathroom is tiled. Shower cabin with a steam generator. In the office there is nothing built-in and capital- the customers were specifically asked to make a room of free destination. Now this is an office and an additional sleeping place for guests (sofa from BoConcept is unfolding). A desk with drawers in the working surface is also BoConcept. When a family appears in a family, this room can easily be converted into a nursery.

One of the customers' wishes was a fireplace by the sofa,Which we built into the cabinet. The bio-fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere, you can admire the fire. But in doing so, it practically does not heat the surface, excessive heat is diverted through a special ventilation duct, there is no smoke, since practically a couple of liquids are burning. Still in the apartment there is a technical installation with washing andDrying machines, a tank for laundry and shelving for household chemicals and tools. All the walls are painted with DeRufa paint, which gives a very beautiful silky matt surface, resistant to abrasion. Engineering brushed oak board is covered with special oil to get the right shade. All the doors in the apartment with a hidden box - we really did not want to visually crush the walls with the door boxes, so we offered the customer such a solution. Doors look elegant and light, covered with the same paint as the walls. In the apartment all the radiators are built in the floor - the height of the ceilings allowed, and other communications were still bred under the screed. This allowed to free the space of the walls under the windows, and also to make comfortable seats in wide wooden windowsills (the same oak as on the floor). Direction on the creation of objects of design fromOld and unnecessary things called recycle art. We have been working in this direction for several years, the products are always unique and with their history. Lamps for this apartment we made from old gas cylinders, and the decorative panel on the wall - from a sheet of metal, which was lying on the construction site.

The apartment is located on the 37th floor. From the large windows you have a stunning view of Moscow.

Photo: Mikhail Nikitenkov