Separation of the bedroom and living room: zoning methods

People living in apartments, as opposed toowners of houses and mansions, have limited square meters of space for living. And so you want to arrange in your small dwelling, in addition to the hall and the bedroom, a dining room, an office, a living room. And here the zoning of the room can come to the rescue, that is, the division of the space of one room into several separate zones, which will create the illusion of additional rooms. This solution is relevant for the tenants of one-room apartments. Using zoning, you can arrange a zone in the room for good sleep and meeting with friends. How should one room be divided into several so that the apartment becomes more functional, but at the same time remains cozy, stylish and beautiful? Bedroom-living roomSeparate the bedroom and living room with the help of: cabinets, screens, curtains and curtains, stationary shelving.

How correctly to divide the room into parts?

Before proceeding to zoning an apartment,you need to pay attention to such things as the shape of the room, the number of windows, the size of the furniture. It is worth knowing that a square room is divided into zones more complicated than a rectangular one. If the room is small in size, then do not overload it with furniture of huge sizes. Especially it concerns a chest of drawers, a bed and a sofa. These three pieces of furniture can be combined in one, setting in the apartment a fold-out sofa bed, inside of which there will be comfortable and roomy boxes for storing laundry and other things needed in the household. Sofa bed is convenient because at night it can be decomposed and has a good sleep on it. The partition is made of materials such as:plastic, drywall, glass. In the daytime, when folded, it saves space in the room. Guests and friends can also sit on it. This piece of furniture in itself can be the simplest separator of the living room and bedroom, especially if it is on wheels. Then during the day it can be easily rearranged to any place in the room. It is also better to replace a bulky section with a sliding wardrobe or a wardrobe in combination with a shelving shelf. In addition, they are often used as partitions, and this is one of the ways of zoning a room. Living in a large room, the owners can afford a wider and longer bed, and sometimes a bed and a sofa at the same time. As for the windows, the division of the room should be done only if they are available. If the apartment has only one window, then from the living room, it should not be solid from floor to ceiling or opaque. Otherwise, there will be insufficient natural light in the room during the daytime. And this will make it difficult for homeowners to read. Each owner decides for himself which parts it is better to divide the room into: the same or different, where the bedroom will be located, and where the living room will be. But it is best to arrange the bedroom next to the window, so that it is easier to ventilate it. Another nuance of the sleeping area is its privacy or privacy, so it is better to place the bedroom at the far end of the apartment, which is often adjacent to the window, or put a bed in the corner of the room if natural light is not so important for the inhabitants of the home. In an apartment consisting of several rooms, the bedroom should not be located in a walk-through room, because this circumstance will not contribute to a full and calm rest at night. But the living room is usually arranged closer to the entrance to the dwelling. Back to the table of contents</a>

Methods of zoning the room

There are many different types of separationrooms in several parts. Separate space can be through a variety of partitions, mobile or stationary shelves, cabinets, screens, curtains and curtains. The scheme for assembling a false wall. It is necessary to consider all known methods of zoning:

  • Stationary partitions. It is easiest to fence one part of the room from the other, erecting a wall between them. Such a boundary can be made of various materials: plastic, plasterboard, glass, several materials at once. Owners of the apartment should know that the partition solid looks good only in a large room with several window openings. In other cases, it is better to make such a wall in 2/3 of the height of the room. An excellent solution for the zoning of the bedroom and the living room will be a wall with an archway, side partitions on both sides of the room, columns, glass sliding doors, wooden partitions and shutters.
  • Falsh-partitions. Currently, in the design of apartments is increasingly used this kind of zoning, as stationary false septums. They are framed or lattice constructions made of plastic or wood, glass partitions. On the one hand, they divide the premises into zones, and on the other, they are not real (deaf) partitions.
  • Glass visually increases the area of ​​the wholeapartments. This is facilitated by the mirror inserts of the partitions. If the owners want to hide from the visitors of the living room behind the wall of glass from the intimate area of ​​the bedroom, they can buy frosted or colored glass or paint the septum with beautiful colored patterns or bright patterns in the tone of the wallpaper of the room. The lack of stationary walls will be revealed only in the event that the owners of the apartment want to make a re-planning in it. In this case, it will be necessary to destroy the barrier.

  • Mobile partitions. This kind of zoning of the room is more convenient in operation, since, over time, it is easily replaced by another mobile stenochka. Unpretentious owners often use various bookcases, coupe cabinets as such walls. Two-sided rack structures not only block the room, but also serve as additional containers for the owners of things necessary. Stylishly look in the apartment sliding screens with oriental pattern.
  • Curtains and curtains. Often the bed of the bedroom hides from prying eyes with heavy velvet, brocade curtains or a translucent muslin. The effect of zoning will be more noticeable if the same curtains and curtains will frame the window opening. Separate the bedroom from the living room can also be using rope or thread curtains, curtains of beads.
  • Plants or an aquarium. Instead of the partition, some hosts prefer "living walls". In one case, they can be huge aquariums with exotic fish, in the other - consist of tall deciduous plants. Both those and others are of great benefit to their masters. Some produce oxygen, while others calm and pacify.
  • Having shown imagination, each mistress will pick up forhis apartment suitable for her partition. To ensure that the entire room is finished and looked stylish, you can take into account when zoning it some more moments. Back to contents</a>

    A few words about important little things

    In addition to furniture and partitions, separate the bedroom from theThe living room next to it can be carpeted in different colors and textures. On the walls of the "new" rooms you can paste uneven wallpaper. Excellent will be seen in the premises of the zone, if the owners refuse from the common light source and hang in the bedroom sconces or spot lights, and in the living room - chic chandelier. On the tables you can install lamps. The bedroom will look lonely, if instead of the partition to install under the podium bed, in which you can store different things. For greater intimacy, the podium can be hidden from prying eyes with a luxurious tapestry canopy. Applying the above advice, the owners will become happier and more joyful, as they can even engage in various activities in a one-room apartment, receive guests and fully rest at night.