With your own hands

We do ourselves: wall applications in the form of honeycomb

Modern designers are increasingly using in theirworks of the current eco style. They find inspiring role models directly in nature. One of these popular eco-trends is honeycomb. Their natural ornament not only looks stylish, but also awakens in us pleasant associations with the sun, warmth and honey sweetness. After studying our master class, you can decorate the walls of the apartment with a fashionable honeycomb applique, which will perfectly refresh the interior. It is very easy to make honeycomb applications! Admire what results you can achieve in an hour! All you need is:

  • paper adhesive tape of two or more colors (you can choose colors corresponding to the specified subject, for example yellow, brown, golden, or experiment with any others);
  • scissors;
  • the printed template;
  • double-sided adhesive tape, with which the template will be attached to the wall.

Armed with everything you need? Then you can start! Print the template on heavy paper and cut out the hex. Using a double-sided adhesive tape, attachPattern to the wall where you want to see the first honeycomb. Circle the pattern with this ribbon. Align the edges of each face with scissors. Move the template so that one of its sides is parallel to any face of the ready-made applique, and repeat the previous steps. Continue to move along the wall, making applications in the form of hexagons, which will gradually be added to the conceived ornament in the form of honeycombs. Do not forget to alternate the colors of the adhesive tape. You can determine the area of ​​the wall by yourself.will cover the ornament, as well as the form of applique. Even if your opinion changes during the course of your work, it's okay: you can easily correct your creation by removing excess pieces of paper tape without damaging the wall. As a result, your walls get a trendy and refreshing decor, and you get a sense of satisfaction and positive emotions! http://jadeandfern.com