With your own hands

The dream of every Cinderella: a master class on the magic transformation of buckets into original wall shelves


You never thought that the usual economicCan buckets be used in this way? Then, how to turn them into an aesthetic and functional element of the decor, read in our material The summer ends, and with it the end of the summer season also comes to an end. If in the process of summer garden work in your barn a good number of galvanized buckets have accumulated, then you have a chance to acquire new original wall shelves. Do you think this statement makes no sense? Our master class will convince you otherwise. Here is an original wall composition from ordinary buckets that can decorate your hallway.

You will need:

  • galvanized buckets of different sizes (in our example - 5 pieces);
  • acrylic spray paint of various colors;
  • 20 screws (in our example - 4 screws per 60 mm) and dowels to them;
  • Drill with drills for concrete and metal, the diameters of which correspond to the dimensions of the fastening elements;
  • masking adhesive tape;
  • triangular ruler;
  • pencil.

Using a ruler and a masking tapePut 4 marks on the bottom of the bucket, indicating the drilling points. Try to arrange them symmetrically, but do not worry too much about this: the errors are quite acceptable. Drill holes using a drill and a drill bit for metal. Using a sprayer (or more professional devices), apply a selected paint to the bucket. When the paint dries, lean the bucket against the wall andapply pencil marks that repeat the location of the holes in the bottom. Put the bucket aside and drill holes in the wall, then insert the dowels in them. Now it remains only to fix the bucket on the wall with screws. Similar actions should be taken withother buckets. As a result, you will have additional places for storing scarves, scarves, hats and other accessories. In addition, such an original design certainly will not remain without the attention of your guests. en.gde-fon.com homestory.rp-online.de