The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Two in New York: industriality + elegance

Today a white, slightlyindustrial, but generally quite elegant interior. This apartment is located in New York and is completely saturated with its loft atmosphere. The interior of this apartment was created by architects from the design studio The New Design Project. They love to experiment with textures, various materials, mixing styles and filling the space with extraordinary lightness and notes of industrial design. This 2-room apartment cannot boast of an excess of square meters, and the architects solved this problem with the help of color. They took white and light shades of gray as a basis. The neutral background is diluted with the warmth of the parquet board and the texture of the brickwork. A decorative wall element on a wooden frame gives originality to the interior. The advantage of the space was 2 windows, whichlet in light in both parts of the living room, illuminating it well during the day. In the evening and at night, other light sources work in the apartment: a lamp with an elegant and eye-catching lampshade on the curbstone near the sofa, a metal ceiling chandelier, incandescent lamps on wires above the bar and unusual hanging sconces above the bed in the bedroom. Rebelliousness and tranquility merged in a single impulse to create this eclectic interior. The rough brickwork is softened by the elegance of the fireplace. Together they create a warm ensemble, which is "complemented" by crackling coals in the evening. Our opinion In small apartments, try to unload the space as much as possible. Don't put on bulky furniture. Give preference to a neat decor. Avoid large prints on wallpaper and dark walls, which can visually reduce your "crumb". A wooden frame was placed on one of the walls withblack graphic inscriptions as a reminder of New York's freedom-loving disposition. You can easily make a similar decor item with your own hands. Find a suitable baguette and a wooden board (a slate can also work for its role), write kind words and decorate the wall with your wishes. It will be pleasant not only for you, but also for your guests. What's more remarkable: some of the furniture here is made from recycled materials. For example, the role of poufs is played by old cable coils on which soft round pillows lie. And the coffee table is a rusty 2-legged tray that rests on a wooden box. Bold and stylish! To support the spirit of freedom, dining and kitchencombined with the living room. The element that divides the space is the bar counter, which simultaneously serves as a dining area. There are chairs assembled "in pieces" near it. Their frames are made of plumbing pipes and their seats are made of metal covers. The walls of the kitchen differ in tone (towards the gray shade) from the walls of the living room. On the floor - large tiles with monochrome prints, on the walls - white tiles, stylized as a brick. The stove and oven are made of steel. Its cool sheen echoes the chrome fittings. The wooden countertop harmoniously complements the space, bringing notes of warmth and comfort to it. Our opinion Take into account that the fewer items are on the countertop, the more visually spacious the kitchen appears. The white color and glossy as well as metallic surfaces give a sense of space. Everything in the bedroom is simple and concise:bed, natural textiles, a shelf above the berth, made by hand from old things (from a wooden board and a belt). The walls here were painted in a noble ash shade. It does not depress, moderately refreshes and adjusts for a pleasant stay. We decorated the room with just a few black and white photographs in monochrome frames that look very impressive against a neutral gray background. Our opinion The problem of small space is the most frequent companion of the Khrushchevs. Ideal shades for such bedrooms are pastel, white, gray. The decor is minimal, the storage systems are compact. Mirrors can become assistants. Choose compact models (for example, round, as is the case with this room): they will be a great decor and visually help make the room larger. A small bathroom for architects did not becomeinterference. The problem of limited meters, they decided simply - executed it in a virgin white color. As a basic finishing material, medium-sized tiles were used. The industrial theme can be traced even in this small room: above the mirror there is a metal lamp, and on the wall are fixed net shelves for towels.

What can I apply in my apartment?

  • White color. He always looks great - and in spacious rooms, and in small rooms. Take it as a basis, diluting with any shade, even bright. Do not want to completely white - arrange the accents as if you are chaotically spraying white paint.
  • Items of furniture and decor from recyclables. Old things that have lain in the basement, pantry or in the attic (shelving, stepladder or even wooden boxes) will always be useful. Do not be afraid to remodel them, it will not be any worse! Such gizmos, made by themselves, will suit not only for industrial style or loft, but also for the style of shebbie-chic or interiors in the spirit of Provence: these directions also love things with a history.
  • Brickwork and wood. A classic combination - wood and stone, 2 natural and rich in texture material. They inspire, attract and create incredible comfort in the house. Brick is especially relevant in the loft interiors.
  • Tile and metal in the kitchen. The tile is the material for all time. In the kitchen, he really is the place: it is durable, resistant to wear and all kinds of influences. Especially stylish looks imitation under the brickwork of the kitchen apron. Metal always looks solid. It is more practical than other materials. The shine of this technique reflects light, visually increasing the available space.
  • "Ilyich Bulbs" and industrial lighting. The light should be given special attention. Try to have different lighting scenarios played in the apartment: from brightest to muted, romantic. To do this, it is best to use dimmers that regulate brightness. In this apartment all lighting devices are made in an industrial style, many of them are metal. If you have the opportunity, purchase such samples in specialized stores or even flea markets. The easiest way to bring notes of some kind of industriality - incandescent lamps, hanging down on the wires.