Electric fireplace in the interior of the living room: advantages, a place for installation

Open fire at all times attracted a person. Perhaps the magical effect determined the heat released, perhaps, genetic memory could have made itself known. Today, the hearths replaced the fireplace - a universal interior accessory that can breathe comfort and charm into absolutely any room. Electric fireplace in the interiorAdvantages of electric fireplace are: easy installation, no smoke and burning, no exhaust system and ease of operation. Alas, the installation of a source of living fire, so invitingly smelling of smoke, is fraught with many difficulties. But you can do without labor-consuming installation of the hood system, a full-fledged replacement can be an electric fireplace. Modern models are surprisingly similar to a real fireplace, they are also flamboyant dancing flames, they can even warm in the winter evenings and are absolutely fireproof. And this is not all the advantages:

  • You do not have to hire professionals to install. It is enough to extract from the package and connect to the network.
  • Does not require care, you do not have to face smoke, fire and ashes.
  • Does not require the installation of an exhaust system.
  • Often equipped with a control panel.
  • Charming electric fireplace can be harmoniouslyfit into the interior of any room. But it is better to install such a design element in the living room, so that all the households and guests can enjoy it with the warmth and atmosphere.

    Style of living room with fireplace

    The only rule on which to relyin choosing a fireplace, a stylistic unity. Fire, albeit artificial, of course, will be appropriate in any interior, but the choice of the type of portal should be given special attention. A drawing and a photo of an electric fireplace. Portal - the outer part of the fireplace, surrounding the furnace. Depending on the stylization, this element can be made of metal, gypsum, stone or even wood, the fire is not real. It is the portal that forms the impression. For classical interiors, it is better to choose lavishly decorated fireplaces, they will become the semantic center of the room and the highlight of the interior. Columns, balusters, carvings are welcome. If the living room is framed in one of the popular Mediterranean currents today, it makes sense to pay attention to models with white stone furnishings. This color in combination with the aged material will look original and stylish. Especially since the portal will not necessarily be built of bricks, quality gypsum imitation weighs less, and looks no less presentable. It is appropriate such an element of decor will be in the interior of the living room in the style of high-tech. In this case, it makes sense to choose a fireplace with a finish of metal and glass. Playing flames in the frame of cold materials will look even more charming. When choosing such an interior accessory, you should first of all focus on the color of furniture and the texture of the finishing materials. He must either contrast with them, or complement. Link all the elements of the interior with the help of the decor, installed on the portal. Such a regiment is quite capable of becoming a corner of memory or a family achievement board. The fireplace looks more harmonious in the frame of natural materials and their imitation. Stone, brick, tile and plaster will create a unique atmosphere. Back to contents</a>

    Choose a place for a fireplace

    Since the electric fireplace does not require the installation of a chimney, it can be installed almost everywhere. Choose the place is based on the planned interior and, of course, the model of the interior accent. Drawing the construction of the portal for the fireplace. Built-in. It is partially hidden behind a false or real wall. The recessed portal seems to be a continuation of the interior, it will not attract attention. And the charm of dancing flames, of course, will remain. It is also important that such an element will not clutter the room. Wall-mounted. This method of location is the most popular. The fireplace installed near the wall allows using the portal as a shelf, decorating it on public holidays. Angular. Such fireplaces are unusual and interesting. They invariably attract attention and can not be better suited for the role of a semantic emphasis. Angular models can be symmetrical and asymmetric. This arrangement allows you to create a secluded corner, even in a noisy and spacious room. In the center of the room. If you like catchy accents, it makes sense to install a fireplace away from the walls. It can play the role of separating functional zones. But you need to remember that the rear side of the electric fireplace will have to be additionally decoded depending on which model you choose. So, choosing a place to install, you can decide what role will play. Back to contents</a>

    Semantic load

    Angled electric fireplaces allow efficientUse the area of ​​the room, and they can be both symmetric and asymmetric. The fireplace is almost always a self-contained element of the interior. Due to its unusual nature, it will always attract attention. It is from this characteristic it is worth starting out in the choice of the design of the room. The source of fire can be assigned one of their following roles.

  • Soloing element. If you like the pretentious fireplaces, it's worth thinking about the interior, giving it the dominant role. A large portal with abundant decor will create a special atmosphere if you have a cozy cozy sofa, an armchair, a coffee table and a rocking chair near it. So you create a unique rest area, which will have to read, a leisurely conversation. In this case, the remaining elements of the interior should be simple, as if framing the main masterpiece.
  • Addition. The fireplace can also be used as a semantic accent. If you are not a supporter of exceptionally quiet leisure, it makes sense to give this detail a supporting role. In this case, the fireplace can be located under the TV or in the corner, that is, either not to be seen, or to be in the distance, so that the main mood of the living room is not disturbed.
  • The semantic boundary. This method of location is ideal for a living room combined with a bedroom or kitchen. The fireplace will be the separator, which clearly delineates the functional areas.
  • On which of the many options would youstopped, it is important to remember that the fireplace is always an element that brings comfort and warmth, albeit artificial. In the interior of the living room must show sincerity and peace, and the tongues of the flame will make the atmosphere harmonious.