Organization of storage in the closet: designer's advice

So I want all things to be in their places! Is not it? If you do not know how to arrange this, we will share with you the secrets of organizing space and the rules for storing things. One of the most difficult tasks in arranging an apartment is how to fit all the necessary things, while preserving as much free space as possible and providing a convenient approach to necessary things . An excellent assistant in solving this problem, of course, is the closet. However, it is not so easy to place things correctly in it, and this piece of furniture is better to improve a little.

1. We design a case for ourselves

Ekaterina Prosyanya, designer: - A lot of cabinets and wardrobe rooms are made to order. And this is a great opportunity to create a space that perfectly suits your needs. If you store things on hangers, there is no point in making many shelves for clothes. Gather handbags or like to buy shoes - take care of this, by allocating enough sections for its storage.

2. Get rid of all unnecessary

This item is one of the most important, and it is withIt begins the correct organization of storage of things in the closet. Reconsider them and get rid of everything that has long been worn. And even better - give those to whom they will be needed. After such an audit, you will free up space for something new.

3. Zoning

If your apartment does not have a wardrobe, scroll to it.A little space in some of the rooms (the bedroom is best for this), fencing it with several narrow shelves. The result is a compact, but roomy dressing room.

4. Tagging

If you store shoes in boxes - findA little time and sign them all. Or use a more original way - take a picture of each pair, print out the photo and paste it on the box. Let this procedure take several hours, but you will not have to break through the whole cupboard in panic to find your favorite shoes for an important event.

5. Everything has its place

The most popular items should be onEye level, what you wear less often, you can store at the bottom on easily accessible shelves, but put the most "unused" copies without regret on the uppermost shelves. Wicker baskets, as well as storage boxes will help you to neatly decompose things from the last category.

6. All as for selection

Choose the same hangers, or let them at least be from the same series - then your closet will look more organized and neat.

7. Chest or drawers

Ekaterina Prosyanya, designer: - If your bedroom does not have a chest for storing underwear and other small clothes, it would be very useful in the closet or in the dressing room to arrange several drawers. Ideally - three sections for each member of the family. Such sections are often narrow and not higher than 20 centimeters. But things do not dust, and this kind of clothing is hidden from prying eyes. There are also pull-out sections with small divisions of 15 x 15 centimeters, when the box is like broken into identical cells. They are very convenient to store jewelry, watches, belts, ties and other small items.

8. Every centimeter to help

Maximize all availableSpace in the closet: very often the place above the railing remains unused, although there you can place another shelf. Think about adding a few hooks to the cabinet door, you can hang small handbags or some light accessories.

9. Red to red

Try to sort and group things by color, so they will be much easier to find.

10. Add light!

Lighting is the key to finding any thing in the closet, but often only the ceiling light in the room is not enough. Take care of additional sources of lighting.

11. As in the fashion boutique

Ideal for fans of laconic Scandinavian style and minimalism - mobile racks for clothes. They are perfect for a small room and will be her real decoration.

12. All in sight

Conventional cabinets create a sense of limited space and do not allow the entire site to be used rationally. Consider the option of an open wardrobe - it will not be difficult to make.

13. Be sure to take into account seasonality

Ekaterina Prosyanya, designer: - Be sure to "scroll" in advance in your head the scenario of moving to the wardrobe of your wardrobe throughout the year. Remember both compact shale, and high boots with an ankle - they need to be put somewhere. Also think about voluminous sweaters, evening dresses in the floor, business suits and some outer clothing. Imagine unexpected situations that may occur to you, and think about what things you might need in connection with this, that it is worth keeping out of them - it can even be carnival costumes or usual headdresses. The mezzanine is well used for storing suitcases and rarely used travel bags.

14. We use vertical space

Do not forget to use all the vertical space, for example, narrow racks to the ceiling do not take up much space, but as a result you will have an additional storage area.

15. Get rid of the doors

If you live in a small apartment, replace the standard cabinet doors with something softer and taking up less space. These can be curtains or in general a complete absence of closing elements.