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How to equip the zones in the studio apartment: a project in Moscow

Now this apartment is on the stageImplementation. However, it was made so interesting that we decided to show you her project. If you are tormented by the issue of organizing a bed, we have a great idea! This small apartment is located in Moscow and belongs to a young couple who do not yet have children. In her, the couple will live for several years, which they wanted to spend in comfortable conditions. The project was taken up by young designers Anastasia Sheveleva and Alexander Malinin from INT2 architecture. Anastasia Sheveleva, architect-designer Graduated from the Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in 2009. Participated in summer schools and workshops in the Netherlands, Austria, Japan, Russia. Co-founder of INT2 architecture, leading architect and project designer. Loves foreign languages: speaks English, German, a little in Spanish. Alexander Malinin, architect Graduated from the Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in 2005. Participated in workshops in Europe and Russia. Co-founder of INT2 architecture, leading architect and project designer. Music is the second passion. Analogue photography and travel - the third.


All non-load-bearing partitions that were inInitially, will be dismantled during the repair process. The planning space of the apartment will be kept open by the type of studio apartment. Visually, only the bedroom and home office area will be separated by the plywood box near the window. Well, a bathroom with a mini-laundry, of course, will be allocated in a separate small area.

Wishes of the customer

The studio is designed for a young couple, forWhich this apartment will become a temporary housing for the next few years. The area of ​​the apartment is not so great as to make 2-3 isolated rooms in it, but the young family did not want it. At a fairly modest square, the designers realized all their wishes. Anastasiya Sheveleva, architect and designer: - The main principle of this project was the rational zoning area, with the help of which managed to identify the main functional zones: sleeping and working, living, dining, kitchen, bar area on the balcony, walk-in closet in the hallway, bathroom and even a small laundry room . Our opinion: - One of the most beautiful solutions of this studio is the zoning of a sleeping place. Often in a small area it is difficult to find a place for a bed: it remains in sight and it gives discomfort. Here, the bed is placed on a plywood podium and is fenced off by a low partition. All this design conceals a huge number of boxes in which a lot of things fit. Near the bed is equipped with a home mini-office. It is convenient to work in the afternoon. And in the evening, if someone wants to sleep, and someone needs to work with a laptop, you can easily move to the sofa or the kitchen area. And you can and on the balcony, the benefit is even here it is very comfortable and beautiful! And this can not but inspire fruitful work.


In the majority, all cabinet furniture (kitchen, cabinets, racks) is matched in IKEA. However, there are also unique items:

  • Hans Wegner's chair The Shell chair in the living room;
  • Coffee table Muuto;
  • Chairs at the dining table - Eames DSW;
  • Chairs at the desktop - Eames The Wire сhair;
  • Bedroom box will be made to order from coniferous plywood, also on order will be made cantilever shelves and a bar table on the balcony.


The project will use overhead ceilingLighting fixtures-cylinders. They will help to keep the ceiling height in the premises. In the living room there will be a pendant lampshade from IKEI. Above the desk are pendant lamps from the Russian industrial designer Katerina Kopytina. On the side in the bedroom - overhead LED lamps for reading. On the balcony is a tire from the IKEI to illuminate the shelves with magazines and lamps on the cords over the table.


The color solution of the interior is quite originalAnd a bit like the Scandinavian style. It is built on the contrast of a white background and color accents. In the main zone the shades of blue and blue are used, on the balcony - bright yellow, in the bathroom - green. The charm of the white background and bright accents is that if the interior is suddenly bored, it can easily be transformed by changing these very accents. On the wall in the kitchen, the designers createdMagnetic-slate surface for convenient storage of spices. There are also banks with edible greens (basil, dill, coriander), which are attached to the wall with clamps. To create a complex volumetric surface, the walls in the living room and the visual separation of the bedroom and living room area were made of wooden slats that are attached to the wall with a certain pitch and painted along with the wall, thereby giving the surface a 3d effect. The apartment has a combined bathroom and a smallThe laundry, which was decorated with original tiles. The printing of the drawing on a white tile 10 x 10 cm will be used. It will be printed with a crib of basic symbols for the care of clothes. In the kitchen, the kitchen apron uses a multicolored ceramic Marazzi tile with a diagonal pattern.

Tips for arranging a small studio apartment:

  • If you do not have children, open planning is the ideal solution. It allows you to carve out several square meters of area occupied by non-load-bearing partitions.
  • To maintain a sense of spaciousness and isolate an isolated sleeper, use partitions: shelves, curtains, cabinets.
  • Make furniture to order.
  • Do not be afraid of color experiments. Made with intelligence, they are able to greatly transform even a small room. The tile laid on the diagonal is an excellent option.
  • Make the bathrooms combined if they are separated at the initial planning. This will save space and will allow you to hold a washing machine, a locker for small things or something else.
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