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Bathroom equipment: bath or shower. All pro and contra

A shower or bath is an eternal question. Each version has fans. It seems that these are two independent "camps" of people with opposite temperaments and values ​​in life. How to be, if they need to agree? Let's figure it out and weigh the pros and cons This choice is made when arranging the apartment all: to install a bath or shower? There are a lot of factors to take into account. Composition, age and rhythm of family life, bathroom area, attitude to cleaning, personal preferences and the temperament of the tenants at last. Pros and cons are found in every option - let's deal with invited designers-experts.

Choose a bath

Foam, salt, candles. Slowly flowing, pleasant time alone. And yet - mold and scurf. Eternally soaked linen. Bulky construction, occupying half of the bathroom. What will outweigh: pluses or minuses?

Bath and children

Children just do not change the bath for anything. This is a real small pool and even a little sea. How many interesting toys for a bath appeared recently - for example, foam, from which you can sculpt. And the newborn is so nice to bathe here. And it is very useful for strengthening the muscular corset and the nervous system of babies.

Bath and romance

Any couple will confirm that true love and soulsno problem. But this will be a completely different genre. Is it possible to drink champagne in the shower cubicle? Enjoy the flickering of candles and rose petals in the foam? To conduct long conversations? Bath - the choice of romantics.

Bath and household

Only in the bath can be easily washed after a walka large dog. A large pot or baking sheet is also handy for rinsing here. Soak delicate clothing that will damage. And in cool water, you can leave the donated roses overnight - this will prolong their life.

Bath & Storage

The indisputable clear advantage of the bath is that inyou can take a shower if you wish. The versatility of this option also concerns the issues of organizing space - shelves and an organizer for bath accessories will take up the entire shower stall, which is so cramped, and storage outside of it means that things will not be at hand at the right time. At the same time, if you are a supporter of another "camp", you can keep the necessary little things on the shelves in the corners and on the walls, above the bathroom, finally under the bathroom. There are many that you are not using yet.

Bath and health benefits

Here you can arrange a real recreation area. Add useful and fragrant herbs, sea salt, essential oils. Lie down, eyes closed, with a mask on his face. Reading a book at last - sometimes this is the only place where you will not be bothered during this lesson. Useful for mental and physical health. Disadvantages of the bath:

  • takes up a lot of space;
  • to take a bath, you need more water than to take a quick, short shower;
  • covering the bath with time spoils - you need to update it or change it completely;
  • elderly and people with limited mobility it is difficult to get into the bath and leave it.

Natalia Mitina, interior designer:- If space permits, the bath is definitely better. If only because you can take a shower in it too. And even use it as a mini-pool for a small child. In this sense, the shower is not so versatile.

Choose a shower cabin

Shower - more convenient, more modern solutionfor a dynamic life. Technical capabilities make it possible to turn a shower booth into a sauna. It can be said for sure that the soul is gaining popularity in the world. But have you ever heard of the soul with candles? Penn shower? Here, even lie down will not work. Shower tray Terran from Roca Shower tray Terran from Roca Shower tray Terran from Roca Shower tray Terran from Roca Shower tray Terran from Roca Shower tray Terran from Roca Shower tray Terran from Roca Shower tray Terran from Roca Shower tray Terran from Roca Shower tray Terran from Roca Shower tray Terran from Roca Shower tray Terran from Roca Shower tray Terran from Roca

Shower and speed

Washing in the shower is faster. It is necessary to simply go, turn on the water, soap and wash off the foam - everything. Do not wait until the bath is full. Do not spend half an hour on soaking. Shower - the choice of people for whom time is money.

Shower and modern technology

Progressive showers look likethe space ship equipment, which is about to take off. By pressing the buttons on the control panel, it is possible to control the head and temperature of the water, its feeding characteristics. Provided are even waterproof speakers for shower cabins for singers in the morning. A smart sensor will give a liquid soap when you just put your hand to the dispenser.

Shower and space saving

The bathroom is always missing meters. If you just replace the bathtub with a shower, you can find a washing machine, a dirty laundry basket, and additional shelves for storage. If the bathroom layout is narrow and elongated - it generally becomes the only solution. Yes, and saving water is obvious if you have a shower.

Shower and your parents

If children need a bath, the older generationthe shower prefers. In it simply go - the drain can be arranged right on the floor level, without a pallet. Inside the booth, you can install a bench, on which it will be convenient to sit down. The head does not spin when the position changes from horizontal to vertical, as in a bath. And if you install a mat that does not slip, the probability of injury is minimized.

Shower and spa treatments

The shower cubicle has not less opportunities to helpyou have to rest your soul and body than the bath. Just the procedures will be different. For example, a ceiling shower with a gentle pressure of water will create the effect of tropical rain. A strong pressure and directed jets will massage your back as a professional masseur. Disadvantages of the shower cubicle:

  • low water pressure in the pipes greatly hampers the washing process;
  • wash the shower more difficult - more technical elements and protrusions;
  • showers are more expensive than bathtubs;
  • if you are very tired, you will miss the opportunity to lie down and relax.

Bathroom Krion_Unique and shower Noken_Lounge Upper and hand shower Noken Lounge Epoque Collection Epoque, Factory Systempool Collection Modul, Factory Systempool Collection Modul, Factory Systempool Ras collection, Systempool factories Inga Azhgirey,interior designer: - A shower cabin is a great option to save space. Pallets made by the construction method at floor level can be tiled with floor tiles or mosaics and visually look very restrained, do not "eat up" the space. A slightly higher height gives a chance to hide communications if there is no way to lay them in the floor. Wall-mounted water nozzles can be mounted at different levels depending on the height of all family members, even the smallest. Some manufacturers have options to turn the cabin into a real sauna - for this it is finished with special materials and equipped with control systems. So it is quite possible to rest and relax in the shower! So which one to choose? There is no definite answer, and you will have to make this choice yourself, taking into account all the objective conditions and circumstances, as well as your personality type and the preferences of your loved ones. Remember that compromises are also possible - we wrote, for example, about a combined system that combines the capabilities of a shower and a bath. The most important thing is to decide by considering not only all the pros and cons (there are about an equal number of them), but also what you really want, deep down, regardless of the advantages, disadvantages and tips.