With your own hands

Even the child will cope: the golden moon on the wall. Master Class


Golden can be not only fall. Just five simple steps - and as a result, one of your gloomy empty walls in the apartment will turn into a real work of art. Do not be afraid to experiment and create beauty with your own hands! If you want to do well, do it yourself, especially if in the end you can get an amazing and original decoration for your home. And having finished the work, besides the feeling of your own satisfaction, you will undoubtedly cause admiration and admiration both of the inhabitants and guests of your home. But what is it unusual to create to get such a desired result? To do this, we present you a master class on transforming a nondescript wall by creating a golden moon on it.

You will need:

  • Overhead projector,
  • Transparent film for printer,
  • Acrylic paint of gold color,
  • Brush.

1. Looking for a overhead projector

The overhead projector is an ordinary graphic projector. At first glance, the thing is not cheap, but if you look for old used copies on "Amazon" or other auctions, you can find such a device even within 15-20 dollars. Alternatively, you can ask friends or rent it, if this is a one-time inspiration. In general, a kodoscope is a great thing for any creative projects.

2. Print out the image of the moon

For this, we take an absolutely transparent film forPrinting A4 size and with the help of any laser or inkjet printer we do this excellent action. As a result, we have a card with the image of the moon for our overhead projector.

3. Project the Earth's satellite

We choose the same place on the wall and, using a graphic projector and a previously prepared lunar sketch, we project the image of the night luminary.

4. Drawing lessons

After making sure that the room is goodIt is ventilated, we take acrylic paint of gold color. We direct the contour of the projected image, and after, having tracked that the shadow does not fall on the projection, we paint the formed voids.

5. Enjoy the results of the work done

Having finished drawing, we reserve ourselves with patience untilThe drying out of the paint - in fact, everything is ready, you have done it and can be proud of yourself. So in five simple steps it is possible to transform the interior and make by oneself what is truly breathtaking. abeautifulmess.com