Organization of space

Examples of dressing rooms in the children's room: how to organize the storage of things


What should be a children's dressing room?How to plan and arrange it? Today we will tell you whether it is worth allocating additional space for a dressing room in a nursery and how it can be useful for adults. Today, a dressing room is a common, necessary and convenient phenomenon. But few parents think about whether kids need such a room or at least a corner. After all, children sometimes have more things than adults. Therefore, we decided to devote our article to the study of this issue and found out how best for the things of little dandies and fashionistas.

Children's room of a baby

Is there a need for a dressing room in a baby's infant?Of course, you can do without it. But during this period, first of all, you need to think about the convenience for parents. Why not equip a mini-dressing room, where you can place not only baby's things, but also diapers, first aid kit, towels, pacifiers, bottles and other necessary little things. Sometimes it is enough to attach an open shelf with a clothes bar to the wall. Then hang all the necessary things on a hanger. So the mother of the baby will reduce the time for searching. Everything is in sight, there is no need to rummage through the lockers (and then put things in order again). In addition, the interior of the nursery becomes more fun and interesting. Our opinion: - If you have chosen the option of an open storage system, all things should be in perfect condition: clean, ironed, without holes and with buttons sewn on. For clothing that needs repair, make a separate box with a mark.

Children grow fast

As children grow, the need for diapersbecomes less, but there is a need for additional storage space for toys and things. Children's dressing rooms are different from adults. An important feature in their arrangement is the location of the hangers and shelves. They need to be set taking into account the growth of your little ones, so that children can easily reach or hide their belongings and toys. When children are still very young, it is not recommended to use drawers so that they do not accidentally injure their fingers. In this case, use wicker or mesh baskets. They are easy to move, and you can see what is there. This way you can teach your child to fold their toys and things on their own and put the baskets in a certain place. If you are planning to make a dressing room "for growth", then install shelves with adjustable height.

Which option to choose a wardrobe

The main plus of the dressing room is order andextra space. Yes, this is exactly what allows you to free up space for games. Indeed, despite the fact that part of the room is occupied by a dressing room, all unnecessary is removed from under your feet. Most often, a wardrobe is placed in the nursery. It contains many things. To choose it in accordance with the age of the child, it is better to order such a wardrobe individually. It is also good to make niches with drywall shelves. Sometimes even an ordinary corner pretends to be a dressing room, if you attach the hanger bars in it and cover it with a screen. Our opinion: - You design the dressing room at your discretion. Most often, pink is used for girls, and blue for boys. If you have two children of different sexes and one dressing room for them, choose neutral colors or use a range of colors that will appeal to both boys and girls.

Before filling the dressing room

In order to decide what will beyour child's dressing room, think about what you plan to store in it. Make a list of everything you want to fit into it: things, shoes, toys, books, and other items. So you can understand how to arrange a dressing room, because each thing should have its own place. At the very top, distribute clothes, shoes and other things that you rarely use. There should not be heavy objects so that they do not accidentally fall on the baby. At the bottom, arrange things so that the child can easily pick up or put them. Be sure to make lighting inside the dressing room.

Which door should I put

There are still disputes, they are needed in the nurserydressing room or not. There are many options without doors. But if you are not sure that there will always be order there, then the doors will definitely be needed. These can be swing or sliding options. The sliding system has its advantages - the doors "move" more smoothly and save space. Swing options are easy to adjust when they are loose. But there is a possibility that children can injure their fingers or head if they slam them diligently. Folding doors (accordion) are considered the best option for children. This makes it easier for them to open them. Conventional curtains may well replace such designs. The main thing is to create comfortable conditions for your child, and of course, so that the dressing room harmoniously fits into the surrounding environment. Since doors are usually used very actively, care must be taken that they have very strong guides.