Exhibition IMM Cologne: novelties of furniture, tendencies of interior design

January is the joy of New Year holidays andA charge of inspiration for the coming year, which presents interesting events in the world of design. This article - a detailed overview of the largest furniture fair IMM COLOGNE: the best stands, design trends, the leading brands and experience of professionals January 16-22 in Cologne (Germany) was the largest furniture exhibition, which opened up new and exciting year of new achievements in design. International Möbel Messe is the most important event of the year, which focused a huge selection of furniture, accessories and interior items from the best manufacturers. The exhibition represents a wide variety of rulers and styles, furniture with a different price range - from basic and experimental models to luxury designer products. The exhibition attracts a large number ofexhibitors and visitors. More than 1000 participants from 50 countries of the world, many of whom are already permanent, demonstrate excellent developments and the latest technologies. The stands illustrate trends in furniture design and interior design in general. Cassina Porada B & B ITALIA The main directions of the exhibition

  • Designer furniture from famous brands.
  • Innovative design and conceptual projects.
  • "Smart" and affordable furniture.
  • New brands, works of young designers and schools.
  • Textile.

In 2017, the exhibition duo Imm cologne andLivingKitchen received a record number of visitors - 150,000! It is an excellent professional platform for representatives of the specialized trade, architects, interior designers and decorators. Approximately every second visitor is a foreign guest, almost a third were from Russia. Among them was Svetlana Kovalchuk, who shared with us her impressions and descriptions of the highlights of the exhibition. Svetlana Kovalchuk, interior designer - The main trend in recent years is eco-theme. I can say that sustainability has become a leading criterion in furniture and interior design. The majority of manufacturers place a clear emphasis on the use of natural materials; many elevate the combination of natural materials to the rank of art. - For example, the Austrian factory TEAM 7 in itsProducts uses only an array of wood, which gives incredible warm tactile sensations. The kitchens of this factory are a combination of wood with natural stone, glass facades again in combination with wood are very interesting. The quality of detail processing is impressive. Here also convenient technical innovations are applied, for example, the island's worktop can be adjusted in height, interesting is the built-in extractor or a mixer that folds into the sink. The second, probably, that I made for myself - emphasisOn quality: in addition to quality materials that are used in the creation of furniture, it is still interesting engineering and design solutions, as well as unique details made with filigree precision. Famous German quality. You are told what cycle the product passes from the project to the final consumer and how much the Germans are serious about each stage and how they preserve their reputation. You understand: as well as - the main thing - why furniture has such a price tag. The flagship for me from this point of view is, of course, Hüelsta - the best-selling and recognizable brand in Europe. Another good example is MOLL. Known around the world as "desks for growth". Well-thought-out ergonomics and novelty, desk on the electrician. Adjust to any growth and composition. Separately I want to highlight the luxurious tables ofNatural stone Draenert. All slabs are carefully selected, individual stones are semi-precious. The factory has the opportunity and technology to make huge round tables in diameter up to 2.2 meters. In this case, the table top consists of three slabs, two on the front side of the countertop - the pattern of the stone is not broken, but is a continuation of one slab in the other. The third part is the "purl" side of the countertop. At the same time the table top looks very thin, which requires very skillful processing. Plus, the tables have a unique layout mechanism, very easy to use. Draenert also offers a tree, a brass tree and a smoked tree. Upholstered furniture at the exhibition was veryDiverse and all impressive. In Koinor very much liked the chair on the electric free motion. They are installed on the platform and can move left and right, the back is smoothly tilted back - and all this by pressing the button. For recreation areas and home theaters is just a godsend. Always very worthy of the sofas COR, becauseThe quality speaks for itself. An inimitable bestseller - the Consenta sofa - has for years been holding the lead. To evaluate it, you need to sit down, believe me - you do not want to get up from it! Interesting line of geometric square sofas Trio - deceptive sensations, in form it seems that it is rigid and elastic, in fact it is soft and comfortable. Respectable Walter Knoll, there is no need for extra scenery, it is enough to see once, sit on the couch or armchair - and fall in love once and for all. Rolf Benz stand: very chambery, installation with perfectly selected decorations. On the stage - his majesty sofa from Rolf Benz! Textile halls are a paradise for the designer! But all the magnificence of tissues can not be conveyed in words and photos, it is necessary to see and feel them tactilely. Especially liked the novelties from Zimmer Rohde and the wonderful Jab stand. IMM Cologne is more than an exhibition, it is the most importanta world-class furniture show that sets international standards and trends. So, within the framework of the exhibition, a competition was held in which 395 objects and 494 designers from all over the world took part! Pure Talents Competition Designer Sebastian Herkner, journalist Sophie Lovell, designer Rianne Makkink, Tobias Lutz (founder of Architonic) and Spanish designer Harry Paul van Ierssel selected the best creations by selecting three winners from 21 shortlisted nominees after a vote. First place went to Bernhard Osann with a Neo lamp. The lamp is a rod bent in two places, which is leaning against the wall. The points where it comes into contact with the wall and floor are made of silicone, which gives stability and does not spoil the finishing materials. The LEDs are located at the top of the bar and can be rotated to provide direct or indirect illumination. Simon Diener with self-acting lamp PongTook second place. The luminaire consists of a lampshade and power cable that connects to the power supply unit and can be freely suspended anywhere, or thrown over, for example, through a railing. The third was Christoph Hauf with angular inclinedMirror Slanted Mirror. Due to the elongated trapezoidal form, no additional fastening is required. His position in the corner of the room draws attention to this place, usually left idle, and it reflects the room diagonally, allowing you to view space from a new perspective. Also especially noted were Christoph Buomberger and Tobias Pfiste with a Klappstuhl chair, Vera Aldejohann with a floor hanger Goldwaage and Martijn Rigters and Fabio Hendry with the table The Color of Hair. Russian exposition This year with the support ofThe Ministries of Industry and Trade took part in the exhibition by companies that are members of the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia. Russian production was represented by leading Russian furniture companies, such as Novo Mebel, Grafskaya Kuhnya, Ufamebel, Apsheronsk Woodworking Complex, Volgodonsk Wood Board Plant, Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Plant, a group of companies Romarty ", factories" Courage "," Mebelgrad "," Silva ". The event is organized by Koelnmesse GmbH andAssociation of the German furniture industry. The exhibition has confirmed its global importance for the design industry at the international level, it becomes the legislator in the field of furniture, interior design and the image of the modern home and life. In 2018 IMM Cologne, once again united with LivingKitchen, will be held on January 15-21. Http://