Falsh window with your hands on the wall or ceiling

Not very good layout of apartmentsdevelopers, narrow spaces forced designers to develop a special architectural and design element, called a false window. This window-fake, or, as it is also called, false, which is now more and more gaining popularity. A false window in a small room is a great way to visually expand the space of a room. False window in the living roomFalse window in the living room must adhere togeneral style of the interior of the living room. However, before making a false window with your own hands, you must carefully think through all the nuances of this element in the interior. It usually has:

  • on a perfectly smooth wall;
  • on the ceiling;
  • in a finished or self-created niche.

How to make a false window on a smooth and smooth wall?

The false window on the ceiling gives the roomuniqueness and originality. Typically, to create additional windows in the room usually use a poster, photo wallpaper, having an image, leaving in perspective. These can be types of parks, medieval streets or seascapes. It all depends on your taste. Also, as a creation of a false window, a mirror canvas is often used, which has an imitation of a conventional binding. In order to get an excellent result when you insert such a window into the interior, you should remember a few simple rules:

  • choose a place;
  • mark the wall;
  • prepare the surface.

When planning to create a mirror window, select the locationOn the plane of the wall, so that the reflecting surface is illuminated. So you can create the illusion of light emanating from a false window. Remember that the levels of window sills, both real and artificially created, must coincide. Only in this case, a false window will favorably decorate the volume of your room. When marking all the dimensions of the mirror cloth, the picture is transferred to the wall in the required place, at the correct height from the floor. Remember the qualitative preparation of the surface. Before you start to put a poster on your wall, see if there are pieces of plaster or paint left on the wall. To the photo walls do not print all the flaws of your wall, clean it thoroughly from all coatings: putty, plaster and paints. If you are planning to make a mirror false window, then in the prepared plane there should be no any differences. Before you make a false window, use the level to check if your wall is flat, and, where necessary, pass. Otherwise, the process of gluing the canvas will be extremely difficult. So, after we have achieved a smooth, smooth and dry wall, we move on to the gluing process. Back to contents</a> Poster and framing Additional elements (LED tape,frame) the false window is glued with "liquid nails". To paste a poster on a wall it is necessary at usual room temperature, about +20 ° С. Do not allow even the slightest drafts. Otherwise, your wallpaper will dry out unevenly, which will give you excessive tension or wrinkling. And this will greatly spoil the appearance of the poster. Depending on the type of wallpaper, select the appropriate glue. Typically, poster manufacturers recommend certain brands of glue. For gluing a mirror cloth, use a special superglue. The most popular is "Liquid nails for mirrors." In order to prevent possible "slip" of your mirror, attach to the wall a small horizontal bar that would serve as a support for the canvas. As it can be used and the lower frame. The simplest way to frame a false window on the wall is polyurethane foam moldings having a width of 70 mm. They are attached to the wall along the entire perimeter of the canvas or mirror. Coloring and toning of moldings should be done in advance, before you attach them to the wall. The wooden frame is fixed with the help of nails-dowels. Back to contents</a>

False windows in the niche and on the ceiling

Painted windows falsh create with helpacrylic and oil paints. The process of creating a structure in a niche is more difficult than installing it on a flat wall. The niche usually allows you to make a falsh window voluminous and to construct a hidden backlight so that it is really invisible. To make a false window in a niche, you need:

  • Along the entire perimeter of your niche lay the LED ribbon of the chosen color, and then put point or fluorescent fixtures.
  • Attach a prefabricated frame to the wall that has a stained glass window or a photo-printed glass.
  • As a supplement, you can decorate your glass with molding frames.
  • In this way you can do in the roomone lighting and use on your photo printing window or stained glass. If you are looking for a simpler version, you can reinforce the mirror from the back of the wall of the niche, make a real window sill and put a table lamp on it. The most complete effect of this will be if you make all the slopes of the fake window exceptionally mirrored. Falsh window in the ceiling can be done on a similar principle. If you are planning to create a "transparent" ceiling in your room, then choose wallpaper that depicts the sky, stars or clouds. The picture is glued to the bottom of the niche, and the backlight is made along its perimeter, covered with a frame with glass. With a new window your ceiling will become more elegant. Back to contents</a>

    Design window falsh and keyboard

    In order to give your design the most realism, it can be designed:

    • cornice;
    • light curtains;
    • board, simulating a window sill.

    Falsh window in the niche can serve not only as a partdesign, but also serve as a shelf for household items. The main thing is that after such decoration your false window does not stand out from the general decor of the room and emphasizes its interior. Therefore, think in advance how you are going to decorate it. Choose a self-adhesive layout when creating a mirror window falsh. It is made by a width of five to seven mm. Usually it imitates bronze, gold, silver or wood and looks more beautiful than ordinary polyurethane foam. On the canvas it is in the form of diamonds, if the style of the room is similar to Gothic. Or rectangles - if in French. Materials for false windows:

    • boards, plywood;
    • PVC plates;
    • canvas mirror;
    • Wall-papers;
    • posters.

    Tools for false windows:

    • saw, hacksaw;
    • knife, scissors;
    • glue, "liquid nails";
    • a hammer;
    • drill, screwdriver.

    Fake windows in the interior do not onlyrectangular, but also round, for example, in the form of portholes. Such an element in the interior can not only give your home an individuality, but also visually increase its space.