House and Cottage

Family house with black walls -


Representations about the comfort of each of us are different, andSometimes they are so opposite that it is impossible to come to a common understanding about an ideal home, even within a single family. And how wonderful, when the spouses know exactly what they want, even if it's black walls and global minimalism - the main thing is that by mutual agreement

Family houses are different. Sometimes they are filled with sweet little things, small textiles and honey tones, and sometimes they are modern minimalistic spaces with a minimum of details and an ubiquitous black color.

This melbourne house does not turn its tongueCall a cozy family nest, but, most likely, the purpose of its creators lay in several other areas. Interior turned out to be an exterior - incredibly stylish. The marble kitchen island in the kitchen supports the basic anthracite hue of the interior. The ceiling, lined with dark wood, deepens and separates the kitchen space from the living room. The external architecture of the house penetrates the interior, puts emphasis and puts an end to the main idea of ​​the project. Photo: Sharyn Cairns