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Fantastic kitchen of concrete and a step-by-step master-class for its production -

Finishing of concrete is now at the peak of popularity: concrete floors, concrete facades, concrete furniture ... Today we present a photo report on the creation of a concrete kitchen island. It looks almost as cool as it sounds.

Do you have anything concrete at home yet? This is an omission! To be in the trend, we advise to get at least a vase of concrete. By the way, you can do it yourself, and thus get into the trend twice. Since it is now incredibly fashionable to do something for the interior with your own hands.

However, today we are not at all about concrete in the interior, but specifically about the concrete kitchen island, what you see in the photo.

We had time to see many differentvariants of cuisines, and most of them can be called very similar to each other. However, from time to time there are really outstanding specimens, such as this concrete kitchen island. London team from BeauConcrete flooded the floorthe customer's kitchen with concrete and, deciding not to stop there, she also designed an island. If you have ever been interested in the question "how is this done?", Then here is a detailed photo answer. If you want to repeat this trick and make your own concrete island, be sure to sand the finished piece and coat it with a waterproof varnish. Necessarily.