Features of works of design and contemporary art of Eastern countries

The design of different countries has its own unique features. Traditions and mentality affect what a person from this or that corner of the world puts into the notion of "beauty". What is special about the design of the countries of the Middle East? We will tell you about it March 23, design critic Olga Kosyreva delivered a lecture titled "Modernism with a national touch: the most interesting from the Emirates, Libya and the surrounding area." The meeting was held on the site of the Moscow office of the Finnish company Martela. Information partner of the event was the online magazine Olga Kosyreva Design expert, renowned design critic, lecturer, journalist and editor with more than 15 years of experience in popular, specialized and business publications, who participated in the launching and development of Russian versions of the magazines AD / Architectural Digest, Interni, Objekt © Russia Olga Kosyreva's lecture was devoted to the exhibition Desing Days Dubai, the design features of the countries of the Middle East, as well as the development of the design quarter in Dubai.

Design days

Exhibition-fair of the modern collection andauthoring design Desing Days Dubai was held from 18 to 21 March. The event is held in Dubai for the fourth time, and this year the number of represented galleries has doubled. Designers from around the world came to the metropolis in order to show their works of art.

The exhibition was presented purelyIndividual products - works on the border between design and modern art. Design days in Dubai - this is a real riot of fantasy and creativity. At the same time visitors of the exhibition very much appreciate the exclusivity and would like to buy a product that no one else has.

Olga Kosyreva

Such a different design

In the Middle East, a modern designpenetrates deeper - interior magazines are issued, exhibitions are held more often. Few people know that there is even a design museum in Holon (Israel). More often in the countries of the Middle East, there are designers whose names are known throughout the world. This, for example, Seyhan Ozdemir and Sefer Chaglar - the creators of the design bureau Autoban. Or Khalid Shafar, a designer from the Arab Emirates. In this case, the design of different countries have their own characteristics. For example, the design from Turkey and Israel is more similar to the European one. And the designers from Jordan know how to combine talent and tradition - in their works they actively use ligature and ornaments. The secret of success is in many respects hidden in the skill to use special handicraft techniques, traditional motives in creating objects of modern design.

The exhibition Desing Days Dubai has its ownnational characteristics. Many of the things, for example, stands for the falcon, it is difficult to imagine at the exhibition, say, in Miami. In Dubai, really great prospects for the development of author's design.

Olga Kosyreva

Design quarter

Dubai is a controversial city. It obeys traditions, but it is very modern. For the Arabs, the very concept of a home means much more than for Europeans, for whom migration and temporary housing are a familiar phenomenon. For residents of Dubai, the acquisition of objects with a unique design is an integral part of life, like, for example, high cooking.

Olga Kosyreva Love of the inhabitants of the megalopolis toart is clearly demonstrated and the fact that now in Dubai in the heart of the city is the construction of the design quarter (Dubai Desing District). Here, both residential and commercial buildings will be built. So designers can promote products of the Arab Emirates all over the world.;;