We fight against prejudice: we make the floor bright


Few people think about the fact that sex can beColored. However, this design method works 100%. In our article - a guide to modern materials, a new color scheme for sex and tips on how to update an old floor covering. Non-standard decor solutions in an apartment rarely touch a floor covering. And yet here there is a huge field for the activity and expression of creative thought. Sex should be not only practical and wear-resistant, but also beautiful! Modern design uses a largea variety of floor materials. They differ in the technology of installation, operation, the type of room in which they are used, in other parameters. Floors are: - self-leveling (cement-based seamless polymer coating, "liquid linoleum"); - made of piece materials (boards, parquet, laminate, ceramic tiles, cork, linoleum); - warm (flooring with heating and electrical system); - super strong made of PVC and polyurethane. However, it is worth remembering those invoices thatHide under a thick layer of linoleum and carpet. Surely you can find there a solid wood floor of pine or oak boards. To give him a new life without the use of special modern materials will help ordinary paints and cycles. For looping, either call the wizard, ortake the machine and all accessories (tsiklovochnye discs, sandpaper) for hire. The process itself consists of several stages. First dismantled topsheet cleaned and oshkurivaetsya old floor, then everything is beautiful and in the end made finishing varnish. The choice of paint. Today, basically two types of paints are used for repair: transparent (lacquer, impregnation) and opaque (alkyd or acrylic paints). Favorite - paint mixtures with a water repellent effect. The texture of the tree is preserved, and the protective properties of the surface are improved. Color selection.After all the preliminary work and preparations, you need to solve the color issue. Don't be afraid to think outside the box! Down with the imitation of the bark of natural wood, let the floor be bright, flashy, eye-catching, “tasty”. This color spot can come to the fore in the apartment. The interior will immediately attract attention and will be remembered. For a bright floor, you need a simple background, so it is better to decorate the walls with pastel colors in a calm range. Choose furniture that is laconic, monochromatic, objects contrasting in color will look spectacular. Of course, to acquire a bright floor is not capable ofeach. On the one hand, it requires careful care, appropriate frame and neutral pieces of furniture, on the other - from the bright color you can quickly get tired. But he certainly will give a charge of positive emotions, will allow to express his individuality, change the geometry of space (for example, horizontal strips across the room visually expand it and make a rectangle square).

On a note!

  • Before you do it yourselfCycle, check the condition of the floor: creak, large cracks and wormholes are eliminated by specialists. The surface is treated with antifungal compounds, and the boards together are carefully glued together.
  • Make a color sample under different lighting conditions. Bright saturated colors are characterized by the absorption of light.
  • Degrease the surface, then apply at least two coats of paint.
  • Have patience: a beautiful new floor will cost you quite inexpensively if you devote 2-3 days of cycling and subsequent drying with varnish.
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