Bathroom decoration: 8 types of materials with pluses and minuses

There is a renovation in the bathroom, and you still haveDo you doubt which material is better to use for finishing? Do not despair, today we will help you sort out and finally decide on this difficult choice. It is always difficult to choose one or another material for finishing your house. And it would seem, there is nothing easier than to pick it up for the bathroom, because it is obvious that it should be a tile. But recently, many designers are trying to get away from this stereotype and using new technical solutions to use something else. But what options we have, we now consider.

1. Ceramic tiles

If you are still an adherent of the old traditions andDecide to use the proven ceramic tiles for centuries, then so be it. Its positive qualities, such as hygiene, durability, resistance to high humidity and temperature changes, and ease of maintenance, have not gone anywhere. Losing the leading position in the market of bathroom decoration materials, manufacturers are trying to come up with more and more new and attractive options and even whole compositions, so there is certainly something to choose from. But, as usual, tiling is best entrusted to professionals, because without experience and the necessary skills, you can simply spoil the already inexpensive stuff. Our opinion: - The original solution for the bathroom can be a mosaic of small ceramic tiles. The versatility and non-triviality of this kind of decoration truly admires, even despite the higher cost compared to conventional tiles. If you are conservative and do not want to get away from the usual materials, but crave something unusual in the interior of your bathroom - just stop at the mosaic.

2. Porcelain tiles

Just like ceramic tiles, this isArtificial material, but unlike it, ceramic granite has markedly improved properties, while retaining the usual ones. Among them - a minimum water absorption, less than 0.5% by weight, which makes it frost-resistant; A deeper color and a rich pattern; Bending strength; Shock resistance and the ability to create an anti-slip texture of the material. If you properly lay ceramic granite, then with its help you can realize the most daring design solutions, while its aesthetic beauty will not fade for many years and will remain unchanged. A rich palette of textures and a huge range of colors will allow you to choose exactly what you want to find.

3. Marble

Well, how do you do without marble in the bathroomRooms! This expensive and refined natural stone will make the interior no less chic and refined than himself. But the complexity of the work and care for it, as well as the high price make the option with marble accessible only to well-off people who are not accustomed to denying anything. Olga Valle, head of the studio "City Design": - I really love to use natural stone in the interiors of bathrooms. However, it is important to clearly understand the behavior of a stone when it comes into contact with a moist environment. For example, applying marble in the interior of the bathroom, it is necessary to treat it with special means and do not use detergent compositions containing acids and alkalis. From the advantages of using marble - a wide palette of colors, ease of processing and the original pattern. Many consider marble a cold material, but white marble, which has an original pattern, is able to bring a black and white interior visual ease and airiness. Untreated marble can change its color due to the effects of moisture. However, this can also be used as its advantage. For example, after a while the marble in the bathroom will change color, transforming the entire interior.

4. Paint

Probably the most inexpensive and simplest ofOptions - take da and paint the walls of the bathroom. But this does not mean that the interior will look cheap. With the right selection of moisture-resistant paint and color palette, the room will look stylish and at ease. And the cost of paints from some manufacturers sometimes exceeds the price of even very expensive tiles.

5. Wallpapers

Do not want to do repairs for years to come andDo you expect to update it every 3-4 years? Then waterproof wallpaper will be for you the perfect solution. Relatively inexpensive and quickly mounted, they will create original design compositions. If their service life in a few years you will seem a little, but the choice fell on this material, then use glassworks that will last you much longer. Our opinion: - In case if your choice fell on the paint or wallpaper, take care that the walls along the bath and washbasin were protected as much as possible. For this, glass panels or tiles are best.

6. Micro-cement

Elena Tikhonova, designer: - The most effective and original material for finishing the bathroom is micro cement. It is moisture-resistant, it can be used in places of direct water ingress, for example, in showers. The material is smooth, seamless, with a rich color palette. Another one of its unique properties: in strength it is not inferior to natural stone. And despite the fact that this material on the Russian market recently, it is rapidly gaining popularity among designers.

7. Plastic panels

Perhaps this is not the most elegant of the proposedSolutions, but here in terms of price, quick installation and practicality, perhaps the best option is not found. With due perseverance, you can find very decent options, made both for a natural tree, and having its own unique originality. The main disadvantage of such panels is fragility, but this is not a problem, if you are a bit more careful with them.

8. Granite

Olga Valle, head of the studio "City Design": - Another common material for use in bathrooms is granite. It is a mistake to assume that granite is a stone that is hard to grasp. The color range from dark brown to gently green allows it to be used in interiors of any style. Also, granite is very light and convenient to install, so it is an excellent option for interior design of bathrooms. Our opinion: - Well, summing up, before you decide on a particular material, we advise you to carefully weigh the pros and cons, because each option has both a number of advantages and disadvantages. But the main thing - remember that this is your bathroom, and it is you who every day will have to wash there, take a shower and brush your teeth at night. So make sure that the made choice brings you only satisfaction and comfort.,