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Kitchen decoration: unusual ideas for a kitchen apron


How to prolong the warm summer mood and pleasantmemories of your vacation? Is it possible to capture them in the autumn interior changes? In what space at home can all this be done? The next season of mass vacations ends, as well as summer cottage life, outings to nature, dinners in summer cafes. Now you will spend more time in the kitchen, and this fact should not upset you, as something inevitable and routine, but please - as the novelty of taste and visual sensations. We show you five great ideas for bringing a fresh twist to your cooking space in the form of an unusual kitchen backsplash decor. Down with boring tiles, expensive glass, trivial paint! You are quite capable of cope with the embodiment of the idea you like on your own, after which it will be more fun to cook here, and there will be a reason to show guests. Pebbles Not long ago you basked on the beach, but now you shiver chilly under a light blanket on cool evenings? There is an opportunity to warm up in another, active way, and even to settle a piece of summer in your kitchen. We suggest that you decorate the surface of the wall above the cutting part and above the ordinary pebble stove. Well, as usual ... Of course, it will have to be selected in color and caliber, depending on the pattern and texture of the future apron, as you conceived it. For the sake of an amazing effect, it is worth trying and collecting a couple of buckets of this building material, since the weather still allows you to wander along the sea or river bank. To make such an apron, you will need:

  • Pebbles;
  • Cement mortar;
  • putty knife;
  • brush;
  • Colorless varnish for finishing.

The process itself is simple and fascinating. You'll like it! Just lay the wall with pebbles, laying it flat or on the rib in a cement slurry applied to the wall. Begin the work from the bottom, so that the pebbles support each other, but do not forget to hold the next pebble for some time, so that it safely takes its place. After the entire cloth of the apron has dried, wipe the surface with a damp sponge, removing any excess cement spray. Wait a little longer and cover the surface with a colorless varnish. Now you can call your friends and invite them to visit. Wine corks Don't want to add to the interiorkitchen brutality using pebbles? You might also like another idea - to lay out an apron from wine corks. It's even easier thanks to the lightness of the source material. You will need:

  • Corks from wine bottles;
  • Building glue;
  • brush;
  • Cutter or sharp knife;
  • Varnish for finishing works.

If you collected wine cork in any caseFor years, you can glue them to the wall entirely. However, then there will be less contact surface of the plug with the wall, which threatens with a sudden exposure of the front of the work due to the fallen part. It is better to cut each cork along, and if you're planning to lay out a skilful pattern and are ready to do this for a long time and painstakingly, you can cut the material across, so to speak, "on the heels." Open another bottle of wine for inspiration - and get creative! Wood The next sustainable finishkitchen apron material - wood. At your choice: slats, dies, parquet, laminate - for which there is enough imagination and skill. The fastening method depends on the material. You will probably need:

  • A tree in one form or another;
  • Building glue or nails with a hammer;
  • The tool for cutting a cloth;
  • brush;
  • Paint or varnish.

Let's offer an option for the most economical and handy: Use for the decoration of the wall above the countertop dismantled to pieces of pallets. In this case, you will have to add a nail, sandpaper or an electric sanding agent to the tool. Get an exceptionally inexpensive and beautiful result! Mirror tiles Glass in the apron finish - notnew idea. The originality is that we suggest using reflective surfaces instead of transparent glass. These can be mirrored tiles, narrow or square, or uneven pieces of plastic or metal covered with amalgam. Choose, and depending on the choice, do not forget to take:

  • Adhesive for plastic or metal;
  • A base of wood or other material on which you will attach details, forming blocks;
  • Fasteners for connecting blocks to the wall.

Of course, such a surface is more difficult to care for, but beauty is worth the effort. And let in this mirror apron your face is always reflected in a complimentary form! Wallpaper patchwork And finally - what you areprobably the least expected. Wallpaper. Yes, exactly the wallpaper. ... Take everything right away, take it out, lay it out and start mentally making a picture out of them. What you do with our advice is called paper patchwork. Imagine how you can arrange a fashionable kitchen, where it will be pleasant to go, and at the sight of such an unusual apron you will want to smile every time. So, you will need:

  • All the rolls in the house and the remains of the wallpaper;
  • Wallpaper glue;
  • The basis on which you will glue squares or rectangles, it is better to take plywood;
  • Scissors or clerical knife;
  • Ruler;
  • Adhesive for plywood or self-tapping screws for fastening the finished apron to the wall;
  • Colorless varnish or toughened glass.

Describe the process unnecessarily. Look at the pictures and create your own unique pattern. Do not hurry to paste details directly on the wall or on the base - in the process of creativity, the visual concept can change. But in any case, your decor will be unique, not to mention its cost from the category "cheaper - just for nothing".