Dream fireplace: 35 ideas for warmth and comfort in the house


Do you like warmth, comfort and coziness?Appreciate stylish interior items? We will show you such beautiful and original fireplaces, around any of which you will probably even want to build a house! The fireplace, as the "heir" of the primitive hearth, has been an attribute of well-being in the house for many centuries. It is a symbol of comfort, luxury and good taste. And it is not necessary to have a huge country house to place such a source of warmth and bliss in the living room. You may well be limited to one that will successfully recreate the atmosphere of a warm hearth in your small city living room. But today we will admire together with you the fireplaces, into which it is so pleasant to throw a log and listen, wrapped in a blanket and perched nearby in a spacious armchair, as coals crackle. At the same time, we will find out what types of finishes are preferred by professionals, and you yourself can choose the option that seems nicer to you than others.


Of course, we are not talking about a concrete fireplace,because this material will not withstand the regular "pressure" of heat. But concrete can be used as a decoration if you are going to fit your fireplace into a minimalistic interior or if you like the natural simplicity of the decor. In addition, concrete can be plastered on the forehead so that it does not look too brutal and even matches the color of the walls in the room. The result is seemingly simple, but very stylish and tasteful. And if you want fresh sensations over time - repaint the concrete finish in either orange or green. Our opinion: - On what kind of facing material and finishes, and most importantly, what kind of fireplace design you choose, will depend on the cost of its erection. The most costly part of the work is the decoration and facing of the fireplace, especially if the most modern building materials are used in this process, for example, decorative brick, an array of expensive wood, and stone.


Brick decoration is perhaps one of the mostpopular options. It will successfully fit into any interior, but it is preferable to use brickwork by the fireplace for lovers of ecological, Scandinavian or classic style. Wood, leather and natural materials are ideally combined with brick decor. Therefore, a sofa with leather upholstery and linen curtains, wooden figurines and floral greenery will be appropriate and logical here. Although after finishing work with this center of attraction for warmth and comfort, you yourself will feel how to fill the room, and what things and details will be superfluous here.

Iron or Steel

Finishes with these materials can be exquisiteor harsh - the range of sensations depends on the amount of steel or iron in your "warm friend". It is one thing if steel elements decorate a fireplace facade, and quite another thing when a hearth stylized as a "potbelly stove" dominates a room that will now become your favorite. And such a structure will dominate, despite its size. Well, okay, not to dominate - to attract first the amazed, and then the admiring gaze of the guests. Our opinion: - The fireplace from the metal quickly heats up and quickly cools. Accordingly, this principle is followed by heat transfer. However, the aesthetic advantage is still on the side of the brick or stone version of the finish.

A rock

A stone fireplace is the most durable and reliablea structure that, if properly designed and manufactured, will outlive even the house in which it will be installed. The stone, in addition to its environmental friendliness, easily withstands prolonged heating to high temperatures, does not deform, and retains heat perfectly. But the high cost and excessive massiveness of such a fireplace limit the flight of imagination only by finishing the front part. True, there are options here: if the room where the fireplace is installed is rather large and light, with large windows that let the sun's rays through, then you can lay out at least the entire wall to the ceiling with a stone around the fireplace. If the room is medium in size, it is better not to abuse the decoration - a massive stone can "suppress" the interior and depress the mood.


Ceramic facing of the fireplace or its porticocan become a work of art. Of course, you have to tinker, but you will get a completely exclusive item that you will never get bored with. These fireplaces are reminiscent of palace interiors, the luxury of these models leaves no doubt about your well-being and testifies to a refined taste. And yes, all this beauty also warms your living room! Not to mention your soul.