Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

The apartment has an area of ​​36 meters, which accommodates 5 rooms


Many would like to put in a smallStudio apartment as much as possible. But how is this possible? Today we will show you an amazing example of a studio-trasnformer, where 36 rooms are placed 5 rooms. However, in turn. Details are here Entrance hall, bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom - all these are five full-fledged rooms, equipped with everything necessary for their comfortable use. No wonder, you will say. And what if all these five rooms fit into one studio apartment with an area of ​​only 36 square meters?

Old Little New York

Located in a 1920's building onManhattan, the apartment was completely redone. First of all, the existing kitchen was expanded, so that more work space appeared. Also, the bathroom was changed. However, the most interesting began when the authors of the project, designer Braden Caldwell (Braden Caldwell) and architect Michael Chen (Michael Chen) added to this room the wall on an automated mobile mechanism. Michael Chen FounderMKCA, architect with 14 years of experience. Professional in architecture and design for offices in San Francisco and New York. His works ideally combine simplicity, elegance and maximum functionality. The ability to combine several functions makes the MKCA team and its leader truly wizards of architecture and interior design. A convertible apartment is an ideal solution if you are limited to 36 sq. m. So Braden Caldwell and Michael Chen decided and organized everything in such a way that at night a full-fledged bedroom with dim lighting and a wide TV on the wall opposite from the bed appeared in the apartment. Well, in the daytime, when the bed folds into the wall, a full-fledged wardrobe appears in its place. We move the wall, turn it 180 degrees - and here you have a study and a living room. By the way, the apartment also provides a dining areaFor four people! It is located closer to the window, which favorably allocates it in terms of lighting and visual expansion of space. In such a place no one will be cramped and uncomfortable!

There is everything and even more

You can find everything you need on and in the bathroomfor cooking and personal hygiene. Built-in furniture plays a special role here. After all, thanks to the drawers, sliding doors and the ability to adjust everything to oneself, not only the already limited space is saved, but also the effect of constant movement and life is created. If we talk about colors, then here is the commandMKCA did not reinvent the wheel and took advantage of a trick already known to everyone, namely, the game of LED lighting and white. As a result, the walls and all movable elements are finished in white, which contrasts favorably with the dark floor and furniture in the living room and dining area. Apartment 5: 1 is unique. This is an opportunity to use the space not 100%, but for all 500. And although it seems impossible, Braden Caldwell and Michael Chen did everything so that the new owner could feel all the delights of a spacious home of just 36 sq. m.;; Photo: Alan Tansey