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Kitchen for a big family - how to collect all?

How to make the kitchen the place of gathering the whole family? There are several ways to achieve such a unity, which we will tell you right now. In fact, it is the kitchen that usually becomes the place where family members cross each other most often. Eating to love everything, to communicate - especially, so a logical solution will be to increase the range of opportunities for kitchen space to create a more comfortable communication environment. Because if there are such prerequisites, then the result - a general fee - will be achieved by itself. In this article we have collected the most effective options. The combination of kitchen and living room This step is one of themost popular recently. It should be thought through at the project stage, because it is easier to do once and for centuries, than to deal with alterations later. The decision to combine the living room, dining room and kitchen area brings a lot of advantages, from the creation of a single open space and ending with the transformation of the very style of life of the whole family. Places are enough for everyone, everyone is in the mind, and it unites. A story about why this is so fashionable, we have an entire article devoted to. Read on. A table It must be large so that it can begather all the family members, eat dinner together and tell each other about the events of the past day. According to statistics, it is always necessary to build on the number of people living in the house to choose the ideal table size. The minimum space for one person is 35 x 55 centimeters, which will accommodate a plate, cutlery, napkin and a cup. That is, the set that official standards of service etiquette require. Multiplying this area by the number of people and adding to the calculation of the place for a pot, salad bowl and / or fondue, you can get the size that will be most comfortable for the whole family at once. The shape of the table is no longer so important, the main thing is thatrelatives in the collection and very satisfied. Although now in vogue it is round, as any member of the family can thus see everyone at an equal distance, which is impossible when seating at a long rectangular table. And it brings together. In addition, the absence of sharp angles is another undeniable visual advantage. And if the number of people sitting at the table is constantly changing, then the transformer is your option! Advice from Roomble: - In the event that your children love to cook themselves or just help your mother, it's worth thinking about special low countertops. Sufficient height - 75 centimeters, but kids will be delighted! In addition, they can not only cook there, but also make appliqués, homework or play, staying in sight in adults. Work area Worktop and so-calledkitchen triangle - the main place for cooking. The refrigerator, stove and sink are located side by side, forming the most real working area, just like in large factories. And if the places near the countertop are enough for only one person, then the efficiency will be very low, just at the level of the employee's mood. Much more fun and faster to cook together, then to try together each dish. This is very unified, so it's just fine if the size of the kitchen allows you to have a long and wide table top. Advice from Roomble: - After meals, also remove the dirty dishes from the table together and wash it. Helping each other, you will cope with this task much faster and will have more time for other things, more interesting. As the company's motto says, the kitchen is a place where life pulsates. And this is absolutely true words - such a kitchen and must always be! Kitchen island To him everything thatalready described in the last paragraph. But the island, in addition to a convenient and functional place for cooking, can become a table, a place for a snack, and just a central element of the kitchen. And, if the owners want, a kind of bar during the reception of guests. When my mother cooks, the children can sit next to them on high chairs, doing their own thing. And breakfast in such a place will unite the family - after all in the mornings everyone is so in a hurry to work and study that there is not even time to sit down. Design and light scenario For frequent collectionthe whole family in the kitchen this room should please everyone with its appearance. The wooden surfaces of the tables and the natural surface of the floor will add warmth and comfort to such a kitchen. Bright accents and decor will create a relaxing atmosphere. If, then you can install a stand-alone sofa - one person is cooking, and the other is resting and telling something. And, of course, everyone loves the light! People always reach out to him, so in a light kitchen they want to spend more time. This can be achieved with the help of windows, as well as a separate lamp above the dining table. Advice from Roomble: - Hang a chalkboard on the fridge so that this place becomes another kind of poster or a source of important news. Here you can leave messages, shopping lists and meetings, or just to please the child with the opportunity to draw a giraffe, which everyone will see. It is also recommended to hang family photos on the walls of the dining room, so that whenever you eat, remember the wonderful moments of universal happiness that have fallen on the film. Alexey Dergalin, Nolte Kuchen:

- The time when the assortment of furniture stores wassmall and buyers were offered standard kitchen sets, gone in the past. Realizing that today the kitchen is more than just a place for cooking, Nolte Kuchen strives to create a functional and harmonious space for life, where everything is thought through to the smallest detail.

Non-standard approach and original detailsare able to emphasize the individuality of your kitchen, making it the center of attraction for guests and household members. The updated line of Nolte, based on a modular concept, turns the creation of the interior into an exciting creative process. By experimenting with styles, combining different elements and types of facades, it is easy to create that single, almost ideal kitchen that will suit your ideas and needs.