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For those who want to be in a trend: 20 blue kitchens -


Blue has established itself this year asOne of the most trendy shades for the kitchen. After white, of course. Today we decided to sing all the shades of heaven and oceans in a selection of 20 kitchens. One of the most popular factories of German cuisines Leicht suggests using for the facades a sky-blue color. From our point of view, the kitchen in this color will fit well into the modern interior, as well as in the interior in the style of the 50's and 60's, which is now very popular. If we talk about kitchen trends in general, then, of course, they set the tone here. The Allmilmo factory treats trendy blue as an electric shade. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, for the most partExamples of the kitchen are made blue not entirely, but only their lower cabinets. Thus, there is no overloading with color. This example is from the German factory Ewe. This exceptionally beautiful color of the facades can be found at the French factory Mobalpa. You may be surprised, but this incredibly beautiful shade of blue is usually called in Russian "kerosene", and in English - petroleum. Have found at the Italian factory Snaidero. An unusual example of a blue color: smoky gray-blue. There is a German factory Nolte. Glossy blue facades are a "dream of a dream" for many. Found in the Spanish concern Porcelanosa Grupo. But this fantastic shade of the same blueCalled "teal," it was predicted to be the main color for 2013, but in fact, it entered the interior fashion only in 2015. Kitchens with such facades are made by the Italian factory Scavoloni. Our beloved editorial office of the Italian factoryVarenna also has a very beautiful shade of blue. Here, the facades are not just matte, they seem to be decorated with decorative textured plaster, which plays a little in the light.

In the countryside, the blue kitchen can give the space a sense of Provence. To achieve a greater effect, the facades should be decorated with drawings of flowers.

With saturated blue, nickel, bronze and copper perfectly match. Choose a better one of the metal and pick up the accessories, fixtures and sanitary equipment in this design.

When selecting a table top for a blue kitchen, we recommend paying attention to the color of the walls or the apron. In this case, black works very well.

Add light to the space will help a bright heavenly shade of the kitchen, best of all it works on a white background.

If you have a feeling that the new kitchen does not fit into the space, try painting the window frames and the window sill into the hue of the new headset.

Those who are frightened by too much saturated shades in the kitchen, we recommend choosing a model in two-color format - so that the bulk of the shade matches completely the light background.

A small kitchen just has to be bright! Otherwise, the already tiny space will also be boring.

The wooden blue kitchen is very stylish and cozy. Wooden facades, wooden apron and wooden countertop. To blue in such variant it is possible to add a shade of natural wood.

Kitchen without hanging closets is rare,But even in this case, to develop the interior along the vertical is still necessary. In this version, it is realized through a narrow horizontal niche and a suspension with holders for the dishes.

Patinated kitchen in American styleClassics is now experiencing a new birth. With the advent of retro mixers and household appliances in the style of the 60's, designers increasingly began to return to the past of suburban America.

Matte blue facades perfectly combined with chromium, bronze and nickel. White marble and dark wood work in contrast with each other and create a complete organic composition.