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Four in one: flat-transformer at 37 meters for a bachelor

What to do if you need four full rooms: Kitchen, living room, study and bedroom, and square meters in this catastrophically not enough? This question was asked by the owner of this apartment, the area of ​​which is only 37 square meters. The authors of the project are the designers of the studio Normal Projects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson. In order to make it easy for a young man to cook, work, party and relax, the developers of the project offered the option Unfolding apartment (unfolding apartments). That is, to imitate four variants of reincarnation of the room: when some objects are removed, and others are put forward, depending on the purpose of the area.

The art of transformation

The apartment is located in New York and is designedFor a young bachelor. At first glance it is spacious and neat. There is nothing superfluous. Rest zone and kitchen can be seen immediately. The question arises: where is the rest? There is a large bright blue closed cupboard withWhite strips. We move closer to the couch, where to the right of it, at the corner, is a bookcase with open shelves. With a light movement of the hand, we open a large door - and a miracle transformation takes place: a partition appears with a folding table and a perforation window. The office is ready! It is interesting that you can see it only from the recreation area. Yellow color promotes brain activation and mental activity. Apparently, the young man sometimes works at home. Behind the same impromptu wall inside the cabinetThe bed is hidden. It is also easily put forward. Now the partition acts as a screen, beyond which there are no bright objects. The atmosphere adjusts to rest. At the head of the bed there is a small functional niche for books, a lamp and a small column. You can listen to music and read. Due to the perforation, which is located between the bed and the folding table, scattered light enters here. In this wonder-ward, a space is allocated for the wardrobe.

Balance of color and light

Judging by the chosen color scheme, here livesA young man with an active lifestyle. He obviously is not a party-goer, but he likes to have fun with his friends. The combination of blue with white is associated with intellectuality, discipline and spirituality. The atmosphere tends to relax and reflect. This suggests that the scope of the owner of the premises is associated with mental work. Accent bright colors in the interior dilute severity and cold, add dynamics, energy, vivacity. But it is dosed: everything is balanced and clear, without unnecessary splashes. Color also serves as a separator between zones. At the top of the cabinet, the lighting is consolidated. This ensures an even distribution of light without additional visible fasteners. The space looks airy and voluminous. In the kitchen area, spotlights are used.

Kitchen Bar

It is evident that the bachelor is not averse to having a homeA small party in the circle of friends. Well, it's worth pushing again to free space. There is a small bar that separates the kitchen and the living room. If necessary, a folding table that is located on the door of a universal piece of furniture is useful. Many different parts of the large closet quickly turn into an entire figure, in the manner of a modular origami. The kitchen has all the conditions for cooking. And the stove, refrigerator (under the bar) and a washbasin are at a convenient distance from each other. The dishes stand on open shelves and look quite organic. The style of the interior resembles an American loft in the Japanese spirit. So, we guessed who the customer of this project is? This is a young teacher! This option is considered not the most hopeless, but quite comfortable for living, work and leisure.

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