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Functional design of a small kitchen: modern solutions


A small room is not an easy task fororganization of kitchen space. How to make a very modest kitchen as functional, uncluttered and visually spacious as possible? In this article - design solutions and professional advice A beautiful modern kitchen is a functional concept that takes into account the volume of space and optimally integrates workflow and aesthetics. Consider specific tips for efficiently equipping even the smallest kitchens. This means more space in your kitchen. Equipping kitchen cabinets in the cooking area, so that for convenience all the necessary kitchen utensils should be at hand.! Cookware and utensils should be stored directly in the cooking area, that is, by the stove, and baking utensils - near the oven. And it is easier to keep order in the kitchen not in cupboards, but which should be equipped with a full extension mechanism, so that at any time there is an opportunity to get the necessary item. In a drawer under or next to the hobit is convenient to store ladles and ladles, and in the lower ones - pots, pans and lids. For baking accessories, narrow pull-out cabinets with a width of 150-200 mm are provided, which will accommodate everything you need: baking trays and forms can be placed vertically, and rolling pins and baking paper can be stored on the top shelf. And you definitely need to plan your spice crates, bottles, and cutting boards. Equipment for a compact kitchen An important task in the design of any kitchen is to place the necessary equipment and the kitchen appliances desired by the customers. In small spaces, the embodiment of this task is on the verge of fantasy. We recommend, and the pros are already making the most of it, which has many advantages and allows you to find optimal solutions for using the kitchen space. Alexander Krivov, interior designer: - The customers of this project are a middle-aged married couple with a child. The hosts lead an active lifestyle, often receive guests and cook a lot at home. Hence, the main wish of customers when designing the kitchen and living room is to make the kitchen-dining and living room areas a single space, but at the same time make the kitchen working area as invisible as possible. As a result, we designed the kitchen in such a way that it is located in the back of the room, around the corner. With this arrangement, the process of cooking and cleaning after cooking is as hidden from view as possible, since the hob, sink and dishwasher are located just in the back of the kitchen. Alexander Krivov, interior designer:- I wanted to place a maximum of equipment in the kitchen without cluttering the work surface. As a result, the choice fell on. Specifically, we have installed an embedded technique:

  • With grill function;
  • exclusive.The uniqueness of this oven is in the functions of cooking with steam and with a low temperature mode in a Sous Vide vacuum. This appliance will also replace the steamer, as there is a "100% steam" mode, in addition to other modes with steam. And many automatic recipes will prompt our customers with food ideas and select cooking parameters. With the help of these two appliances, the owners will be able to cook in almost any way possible. Alexander Krivov, interior designer: - We also chose:

  • built-in with a full cycle for preparing the perfect coffee;
  • - Best in its class for power consumption;
  • For the kitchen with a frame of stainless steel and the ability to rotate the screen, which is especially convenient in compact layouts. In addition to the complete range, in the compact seriesIt is also attractive for built-in kitchen appliances that all appliances are of the same size, which allows them to be placed together: in a row, in a column or in a group of four items - this is both convenient and looks very harmonious. Unique design Evgeniya Krivorog, architect: - When arranging a small kitchen, follow a few tips:

  • Colors do not be afraid to make contrast. For example, the facades of the kitchen are dark - the flooring is light. A big mistake is to do everything in bright colors. I advise you not to use in the interior of small kitchens "all shades of beige." It is close to the dark shades of light brighter, because they reflect light, especially glossy surfaces, such as tiles or marble on the floor. Pay attention to cold shades, such as light blue or dusty-pink, for example, when choosing the color of the walls; Evgenia Krivorog, architect:

  • Ceilings should not be done at different levels, enough to decorate them with a ceiling cornice;
  • A stove and an oven should be placed as far as possible from the passageway and, of course, at a remote distance from the sink;
  • The working area of ​​the kitchen should be as functional as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to make efforts to arrange everything conveniently, and especially carefully consider the location of zones with household appliances. Facade decoration for kitchen units - elementkitchen design that will emphasize the individuality of your interior and make it possible to choose a winning combination of colors and materials. Modern kitchen is not only monochrome glossy, but classic is not necessarily brown wood concept. There are a huge number of unique solutions for each room. Olga Shipkova, interior designer: - The main wish of the customer was to create a cozy space for a family of two adults and two small children during their stay at the resort. Warm shades of walls and furniture, wooden beams on the ceiling, floral designs, a large amount of wool textiles - all this was agreed at once. It is a very rare case when a project was fully approved the first time and during its implementation there were no serious problems requiring adjustments. Olga Shipkova, interior designer:- Kitchen set and table were made to order by ArtInterier studio. Facades - painted MDF with patina; table top and apron - wood grain. Chairs - Belgian, J-line series. Textiles, wallpaper, stucco elements - Ampir Decor company. A special wish was to equip the room with appliances that allow you to cook delicious and light meals without any hassle. The choice was made in favor of the customers' favorite brand -. Anna Bogacheva, interior designer:- In this small apartment in Moscow, it was necessary to create a cozy interior in light classics with notes of American aesthetics for a married couple without children. In furnishing a kitchen, attention to detail, thoughtful kitchen functions and, of course, visual effects of interior decoration are very important. In the general color scheme, we settled on a combination of dark chocolate, vanilla, baked milk and warm gray, but in the kitchen I suggested adding the color of sage leaves - dim, in the context of the main shades of the apartment this color brings freshness and, it seems to me, visually expands the small kitchen. Anna Bogacheva, interior designer:- The kitchen set "Donato" of the furniture factory "Stylish Kitchens" is embodied in a neutral gray color. Recently, I have been offering customers to combine furniture of different price categories, but I never advise to save on basic components: floor coverings, paint, textiles - in my opinion, what makes the interior whole and “right”. Anna Bogacheva, interior designer:- I must say, the kitchen is only about 7 square meters, and therefore there were many tasks, in addition to functional fullness. It was necessary to visually expand the kitchen - for this I used mirrors and an advantageous color combination, light curtains, open shelves, an "airy" lamp. An important component of the convenience of a kitchen is lighting: working areas, general lighting around the perimeter and lighting for mood - sconces, lighting or a beautiful lamp above the dining table. Kitchen lighting The kitchen work surface should always be lit. The current quality standard is an LED luminaire that provides good light output and is more durable than traditional lighting systems. The best illumination is provided by those lamps that have a higher color temperature. The best solution is 5,000 Kelvin, 24 LEDs per meter of tape. Work area luminaires should have an inconspicuous appearance, while hanging can be an interesting accent. Marina Sargsyan, interior designer: - It is important to provide good lighting in the kitchen before renovation starts. In vain, some people think that one light source is enough for a small room. At the stage of the project, it is planned to illuminate the working area, the eating area and their separate inclusion to create a different mood in such an important room of the house. Marina Sargsyan, interior designer:- This kitchen was developed for a small one-room apartment, one of those in old houses, with complex geometry, with ledges, ventilation ducts ... It can be very difficult to place all the necessary equipment in such a kitchen. The presence of compact built-in appliances saves. It can be placed in a high cabinet, one above the other, for example, a built-in small refrigerator and, and it is convenient to integrate a compact coffee machine and a microwave into the wall cabinets, thereby freeing up space for the work surface. Marina Sargsyan, interior designer:- For small spaces, I mainly use a two-burner hob. Installed directly in this kitchen. And I put a small dishwasher, for six sets of dishes - it takes up little space, having dimensions of 55 x 44 cm, and hides behind the kitchen facade. Arrangement of a dining area in a smallspace in a small kitchen should also be thought out in advance. There are many options for table and chair placement. This can be the format of the bar in the photo above, which the designer used so successfully, beating the existing geometry of the room. Or a small coffee table and chairs with a light structure or light colors so as not to overload the space. Elena Timokhova, interior designer - Corner arrangement of the kitchen 5 sq. m allowed to optimally fit the necessary equipment (dishwasher and washing machine, hob, refrigerator) and enough storage space. A set from "Ikea" with classic frame facades. The color of the kitchen facades is similar in color and tone to the color of the walls. This makes the kitchen look light and airy. This effect is enhanced by the glazed doors of the hanging drawers. The backsplash has handmade ceramic tiles from Prima Keramika. The working surface is marble. The dining table, designed for 2 people, was chosen round, with a marble top and a metal base. It is the connecting element between the kitchen area and the living area. Elena Timokhova, interior designer - CompetentlyTo organize a dining area in a small area, for example, in a studio apartment, you will be helped by several tips that we always use in the creative workshop "Neskuchnyi Klassika":

  • The dining table should be proportional to the room Dreams about the table for 10 people per 5 sq.m. The kitchen should be left. For small kitchens, round and oval tables are suitable.
  • The convenient location of the table, like its shape and size, is equally important. The table should not interfere with the opening of the doors of cabinets and drawers and close access to the equipment.
  • If for some reason you can not findA dining table that meets your parameters, then do not rush to buy "anything." Contact the carpentry shop. There you will be able to design a table ideal for the interior. A table made to order is sure to become a bright accent in the interior.
  • Attention to detail. Do not forget about beauty. After all, the smaller the room, the clearer the focus on its details: materials, furniture handles, textiles and dishes. Architects and designers revealed secretsMastery, and on the example of the provided projects, we were convinced that there are also many interesting solutions for the small kitchen - modern trends in the design and development of the manufacturers of kitchen appliances embody the desire to combine functionality, aesthetics and a sense of free space.