Ideas for small interiors

Furniture transformer in a small apartment

Furniture-transformer in the interior of a small apartmentIf you are the happy owner of a very compact, but your own living space, you probably know what furniture is a transformer. After all, the organization of the internal space of a small apartment always implies the fact that everything necessary for you and your family should fit in it. At the same time, there must still be a place for free movement. Modern designers offer a huge number of ways to solve such problems, which we will share with site visitors about small interiors today.

The organization of the living room and bedroom

Furniture stores are currently available.quietly purchase sets of special furniture, assembled and understood like a children's designer. This may be, for example, a sofa bed, hidden in a large cabinet with several drawers for things with a working panel. Here you can also include various ottomans, shelves, wardrobes - in general, everything that a person needs for a comfortable life in. The latest models of sofas can not only move apart, turning into a double bed, but also transform into a bunk bed. Universal kits designed specificallyfor the younger generation, able to fit even in the smallest rooms. As a rule, in these models the bed is on the second tier, and under it are a spacious wardrobe, bookshelves and a desk. Such a solution allows the most efficient use of the area intended for housing. Even a large apartment can be madecramped, if you clutter it with not very necessary home furnishings, and even arrange them wrong. Furnishing the same small-sized housing, you need to use every centimeter of available space, which will allow you to rationally organize several zones: bedroom, office and living room. It is possible that one or even several such sections will be under the ceiling. Women usually have a problem with placementjewelry and jewelry, but the designers and here have found a rational solution. They offer to install hooks and small stands on the back of a mirror or picture, which are attached to the wall with the help of loops. Especially for newlyweds who stillprone to romance, the designers came up with a comfortable table. It can be easily installed above the bed in order to feed your beloved breakfast in bed. And, since it is very compact, it is easy to place it along the wall, thus organizing a work area or an additional bedside table. In order not to clutter the space with wardrobes, some young people prefer to use a hanging clothes hanger that is attached to the ceiling. If there are two people living on the same square whoin the evenings and on weekends, they need an equipped place to study or work, designers advise to organize a spacious zone, dividing one extended table into two halves using bookshelves. Those who are even in a small apartmentprefers to sleep not on the sofa, but on a wide bed, you can think about the device under her drawers of different sizes. They can serve as storage for items or books.

Small bathroom

In the bathroom of the beautifulsex like to store cosmetics, nail accessories, a huge number of different gels, shampoos, lotions and other ladies tricks. In order for scissors and files not to take up space on the shelf, they can be attached to the wall with a magnetic holder. And on the curtain for a small bathroom, glue a few pockets of different sizes, in which washcloths and hygiene products can be safely stored.

Cozy and functional kitchen

Modern kitchen furniture, as a rule, is equipped with a set of convenient drawers, shelves and hooks, allowing significant savings in space. Also, designers offer a large number of compact devices for drying washed dishes. They are designed for kitchens, the dimensions of which do not include the installation of a dishwasher. Another useful idea can be called a folding dining table with comfortable seats in the form of benches. An interesting solution could be the installation of a round wooden panel on the legs in the kitchen. She comes complete with chairs with triangle-shaped seats, fully sliding under the tabletop. If desired, furniture masters can order an incredibly functional set that can fit in one corner of your kitchen.

And some more useful tips.

In the absence of a balcony in the apartment, as a rule, there is a problem with the drying of linen. You will be deprived of these troubles by a compact folding dryer, similar to a miniature ferris wheel. And those who prefer to work in the fresh air, a good gift will be a laptop stand that can be attached to the balcony railing.