Ideas for small interiors

Remarkable designs for tiny houses

Living Room by Cushman Group There is no doubtthe fact that at present miniature cottages are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are craving for greater financial freedom, want to reduce your environmental impact, or if you want to enjoy a simple life, this option is the perfect solution for you. If you are interested in this idea, then we will tell you about some of the features of such structures. Bedroom from Sol Haus 1. Think about why you can refuse. Reducing living space in a dream home requires significant sacrifices. Look at this list and tell me if you can live in a small building:

  • Minimizing personal space;
  • Low operating cost;
  • The need to maintain order;
  • The refusal of some items of furniture;
  • The possibility of placing large groups of friends only outdoors in front of the building;
  • Reduced environmental impact.

Guest lounge from The Tiny Tack House 2. Think about what you could get from living in a modest apartment:

  • Financial freedom;
  • Ease of movement;
  • Easy care and maintenance;
  • Ability to spend more time on the street;
  • Good design with quality materials and headset items;
  • Quick weekly cleaning.

Kitchen from Sol Haus 3. Consider life priorities in such an unusual house. You can decide what is important to you: high ceilings, necessary equipment, a washing machine and dryer, large windows, a sauna or a place to work. Hallway from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company 4. Consider your life position. What do you most want? Travel, stay with your grandchildren or start your own business? Now relate your life goals and apartments. Answer the question: can a little house be able to help you make your dream come true? The facade of the house from Cushman Design Group 5. Pay attention to the climatic features of the area. Realistically assess the effect of weather on the way of life. In the north, you can admire the snowy landscapes and warm yourself by the fireplace. Patio by Ashley Camper Photography Ain tropical or temperate climates, you can easily arrange an outdoor kitchen or dining room, freeing up more space inside the apartment. Oriental cuisine from Oregon Cottage Company 6. Analyze availability. Many popular interesting projects of houses with a modest area suggest the location of the bed in the attic. However, to climb the stairs to the attic will be difficult for people in old age. Boudoir from Cushman Design Group 7. Remember your experience of living in small rooms: student dormitories or country cottage. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages associated with being in a miniature area of ​​space. Kitchen area from The Tiny Project 8. Consider your lifestyle. Mentally make your typical day from waking up to falling asleep. Think about which rooms you use more often. This will help you to rationally equip apartments. Dining by Sol Haus Design 9. Analyze the legislation. Despite the fact that such options of buildings are becoming increasingly popular, many areas have their own building codes, which require the construction of buildings with a certain area. Facade from Oregon Cottage Company 10. Think about the potential of real estate. If you have already chosen land for purchase with the intention to build a small house, pay attention to the possibility of adding additional structures. You can organize a gazebo, a pavilion with a dining area or an open kitchen surrounded by green areas, a hot tub or a sauna on the plot. We presented to your gaze the main features that you should pay attention to when building a modest structure.