Guests on the doorstep: 5 storage places for express cleaning -


You are about to visit "Mosgaz", an electrician orTutor, who decided to come early, but in the house ... how to put it more accurately ... not quite order? It does not matter, our advice will tell you how to save your face and clean it up in a matter of seconds - though,

The "guests on the doorstep" situation is immediately apparenttwo problems: what to treat and how to quickly clean up. We will not help you with the question of choosing snacks, but we will teach you how to solve the problem of emergency cleaning in the most logical and invisible way for guests. True, there is one thing - you need to prepare for such a situation, or at least take care of it in advance, it is better at the stage of choosing furniture. 1. Hallway

It starts from here, which, in principle, is logical. If you do not have time to get to the last point before ringing at the door, you will have time until the guests wash their hands. So. The more in the hallway of storage systems, different tables and shelves, the more likely that they will be chaotically disposed at absolutely inappropriate place and situation things. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to have free space in drawers and cabinets, if any. Suspended organizers are your salvation. If you need to quickly "dump" a bunch of important, but inappropriate small things, you can safely send it to one of your pockets. We advise you to have one always an empty box or basket, where you can regularly hide evidence of your own laziness. 2. Bathroom

Here we run right after we figure it outFrom the hallway. If the place under the sink is empty, take it with a small basket with a lid. It is unlikely that anyone will look into it. On ordinary days, you can put towels ready for washing, store a toilet paper stock or immediately all bottles with cleaning agents, brushes and rags. On the day of unexpected visits to this basket in one move, you will sweep all the excess from the shell and shelves. 3. Kitchen

Here you rarely find an empty shelf or drawer. Especially if your apartment or house is quite habitable. Therefore, we pin our hopes on the hanging organizers, the upper shelves of the hanging cabinets and the box / basket on the refrigerator. You have a big box on the refrigerator, right? It's a brilliant thing. Firstly, it can ripen fruits and vegetables, needing a dark dry place, and secondly, you can also keep clean aprons and kitchen textiles there, and, of course, there will go all the "unnecessary" before the arrival of guests. 4. Living room

We wrote a thousand times what an ingenious thing thesecoffee tables. And you can put a book on them, and arrange a cat, and serve tea with kozinaki. If you have carefully chosen the option of a coffee table with a storage system, you are probably aware of how convenient it is to remove all the magazines and even a couple of cups in one go. Just do not forget to leave them after the guests leave. 5. The Bedroom

If you are not used to making guests into the bedroom,this option can safely skip, but if the bedroom - it's just one of the functional areas of the interior with open-plan, we strongly recommend you to prefer bedside overhead storage systems. Firstly, they save space, and secondly, very stylish look and, thirdly, can hide multiple personal items that you do not want to show guests.