Guide for pros

A guide for pros. Announcements of the nearest events: Italians in Russia, festival, seminar and competition

In June, professionals of the interior market willthings to do. In our new guide we offer a lot of events for every taste. Choose, participate, share your impressions. This month we invite you to participate in the contest, to visit the opening of a new show room, to join the actual discussion ... We have many ideas - choose according to your taste.

Next Landmark

Just the other day, a contest forspecialists of the broadest range - architects, engineers, landscape painters, urbanists, photographers and designers. The organizer - portal Floor Nature - strives to draw attention to the projects of a new generation of professionals and reward them. The deadline for submitting works is September 12.

June, 18th

Marchi Group

This Thursday, June 18, in the northern capital will be the opening of a new show-room Marchi Group. The guest of the evening is the owner of the Gianluigi Marchi factory, he will come to Russia for the first time.

June 23

5 o'clock in the English paint store Manders

On Tuesday, next week, the Manders team and"Lamps" on Malaya Ordynka invite to a traditional tea-drinking - 5 o'clock! A specially invited guest, designer and decorator Irina Dymova, will tell everyone about the interaction of light and color in the interior. We will, and you?

Opening of the monobrand showroom of the brands Poliform / Varenna

June 23 at the Artplay Design Center will be heldsolemn opening of the largest monobrand salon of marks Poliform / Varenna. Guests are promised an unforgettable evening with a buffet table, presents and acquaintance with the most topical novelties of the world furniture market.

June 25th

Luxury Italian stamps

On the site of the Baltschug Kempinski Hotel, Moscow, 25June an unprecedented event will take place - representatives of six Italian luxury segment companies will meet with Russian entrepreneurs and present the widest range of exclusive items, from premium handmade fabrics to copies of ancient frescoes. The subjects of the following Italian companies will be presented to the respectable public: Arnaldo Caprai Gruppo Tessile - the manufacturer of classical interior fabrics: lace-trimmed tablecloths, napkins, sheets and much more. Cybertec Services Srl - fulfills the dream of all admirers of modern high technologies who do not want to spoil the interior with a "black box with wires". The company's products are not only objects of interior art, but also a state-of-the-art technological filling. Ffresco - a company that opens the possibility for a mass consumer to settle in their interiors fragments of the most famous frescoes of Italian masters of the past. Manulight - the manufacturer of surprising fixtures from a natural stone. Each lamp is created manually, because in the uniqueness of the company's products one can not doubt a single second. Metalsud Lo Gatto S.a.S. - the company, for half a century engaged in the production of doors for various purposes. Valenti is a recognized leader among manufacturers of exclusive decor items made of silver and crystal.

Moscow International Festival "Gardens and People"

From June 25 to July 5 in the parkSokolniki will be a unique event for the capital's cultural life - the Moscow International Festival "Gardens and People". Each day of the festival will be filled with events, lectures, live concerts and master classes.

Marilux Festival

In the courtyard of the house number 12 on Bolshaya SavvinskyLane next week will be a real holiday. Ice cream, wine and music from Saint Patrick's Brigade will help to relax in anticipation of Friday, and the exposition of the Marilux galleries will delight the aesthetic senses of even the most demanding guests.

June 26th

Seminar "Participation in Public Procurement"

June 26 will be a professional seminar,Designed specifically for designers and managers of curtain shops. Theme of the seminar: "Participation in public procurement". Seminar for a fee is 9 900 rubles. However, if you have time to pay the fee before June 21, you will receive a discount of 1,000 rubles.