Guide for pros

Guide for pros: new items in June


In today's issue you are waiting for the goldenRefrigerator, window-balcony, pheasants, glass sculptures, hand-made carpets, children's playhouses and a lot more things. We did not expect such a number of new products in the summer. Time after all "dead" - all on holidays and on a vacation. But no. Today we will show you the whole collection of sanitary ware, a lot of beautiful textiles, carpets, a bath of unknown material, a golden refrigerator and incredible sculptures made of glass. But that is not all. Not everyone…

Window-balcony Velux Cabrio

This we have seen only in very technologicalWestern houses. The window, which when turned into a balcony, seemed something impossible and incredibly expensive. But no. We were wrong. The company Velux brought the novelty to our glorious homeland and presents it under the name Cabrio. We already rub our hands.

Marine life from Emily Williams

From what modern sea sculptures are createdMonasteries? Of fire and glass of course! Sculptor with 30 years of experience Emily Williams (Emily Williams) presented her new collection of openwork sculptures that can equally admire both in the environment of modern minimalist interiors, and through the glass of the grandmother's sideboard.

Guest of the event Smeg

At secular parties now shine not onlyMedia personalities, but also refrigerators. June 4 in the Central Department Store took place the next InStyle Beauty Bar, where, in addition to representatives of the domestic establishment, you could see a golden refrigerator with drinks for guests. They say that those who wanted to take a picture next to him could not be counted. We would not have refused either.

Italian textiles by Svad Dondi

The quality of sleep depends not only on how muchComfortably your spine on a new orthopedic mattress, but also on what tactile impressions your skin gets. And if you really are to the end consistent, then the first impression and a charge of positive emotions before going to bed get the organs of vision. Those who are not sure that they need to go to bed in the right psycho-emotional state, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the new line of bed linen from Svad Dondi. Sweet dreams are guaranteed.

Pheasants in the Arben Gallery

Our beloved show room presented a very summerA collection of interior fabrics of American manufacture called Pheasant Hunt. The richness of drawings, paisley ornaments and textures reminiscent of fabrics for sewing men's suits, will seduce any fan of quality materials and non-standard solutions. "Pheasants" from the "Arben Gallery" you can both draw furniture, and hang up the windows. The feeling of an easy summer walk will be provided to you in any case.

An oven with a steam function from Neff

Cooking today demonstrates the most unexpectedTheir faces. Dishes of the peoples of the world no longer cause awe from the hostesses, but the question of how to cook everything right is still relevant. We are sure that the novelty of the company Neff may not teach you how to cook as a chef, but you can perfectly build the quality of your specialty dishes with the steam function of Vario Steam. Those who have already tried the new model from the flagship collection Neff Mega Collection, admit that the dishes are extremely rare - with a crisp crust and tender juicy filling. We are already running out of saliva.

Carpets of insane beauty from Dovlet House

Carpets we love. Beautiful carpets we simply adore. Our favorite carpet salon Dovlet House presented a new collection of Dazzle, than introduced our editorial office into a state of aesthetic ecstasy. Each model is infinitely beautiful and unique from any side that interests you. In production, yarn is used from wool of high mountain yak and silkworm silk thread, which are twisted by hand and painted with natural colors. A separate song is drawings and ornaments ... We have run out of epithets.

Floor ceramics from Tile of Spain

Put on the floor of the 20-meter room one-piece sectionOnyx can not everyone. What happiness, that now there is a worthy alternative to expensive natural materials! The novelty of Beyond from the Aparici factory is just such an event. It is democratic, it looks impressive. We like!

Natural wood from Stamm Design

The best artist, than the nature, on our planetdoes not exist. Deciding not to compete with the absolute, the Austrian company Stamm Design turned its attention to the most common wood, or rather, its design, and began to create masterpiece pieces of furniture from this familiar and, it seemed to us, prosaic material. The result is amazing and deprives any desire to discuss. In Moscow, this beauty can be ordered in the showroom of Europol.

Scandinavian design Woodi comes from Russia

Woodi Furniture Bureau presented its firstSofa under the soft and absolutely charming name Sova. This small minimalist model fits perfectly into the Scandinavian interior and will not get bored - the number of variations of the upholstery from the English manufacturer Kirkby Design promises you this.

Classic at a new angle in the store Manders

Classic drawings and ornaments are still the sameAre associated with us with luxury, like 200, 300, 400 years ago. This is exactly what the Harlequin studio decided to play. Their new collection Purity consists of fabrics and wallpaper, fascinating not only for its beauty, but, strangely enough, simple. We are delighted.

Nostalgic lamp La Lollo by Lorenza Bozzoli

A very interesting lamp was presented by designer Lorenza Bozzoli. For some reason he reminded us of chandeliers from old concert halls. Only in a more modern and thoughtful version.

Children's Ecodomik Spilhus from Helgi Home

Remember, as a child we all wantedHide from the big and terrible world in a hut from a rug and chairs? For modern children designers came up with something more interesting. The playhouses with wooden frames, woven walls and pillows inside allow the child to finally escape from the boring world of adults and learn to have fun in the company of himself. In the future, it is very useful.

Sanitary innovations from Hansgrohe

In the collection of the new and beautiful from Hansgrohe, weMost of all pleased with the new shower design Rainmaker Select with white glass and mixer "open type" Axor Starck V with a design, as you might have guessed, the great and beautiful Phillip Stark. The upper part of the mixer can be removed and washed in a dishwasher. And also a very interesting idea - to replace the usual levers of mixers with buttons, as in the model Select.

"Pixel" countertop from Daniele Lago

Call this wonder Made Terraneo. A charming countertop, similar to the drop of water, too much increased in the graphic editor, was created by the designer Daniele Lago. The surface is equally suitable for cooking and serving. And, in our opinion, it is impossible to imagine the style of the interior, in which such beauty could not fit.

Baths from the new Flight material

The bath Elite from Jacob Delafon setTechnical merits and advantages. What is the material from which it is made? It's called Flight, and we've never heard of anything like that! But as an interior magazine we are primarily interested in the appearance. Yes, sometimes we are rather superficial. But the bath is really good! And just look how much it hides in itself storage places!