Guide for pros

Guide for pros: refrigerators, art-deco furniture, summer setting and peonies


June - a time of rest and new impressions. We propose to celebrate the coming of the summer with participation in a few of the most curious master classes, visiting presentations of furniture market novelties and seeing pions. This week we invite you to fly to the Netherlands, Denmark and the USA. Obviously, admire the oak boards, an unusual collection of Italian dishes and fall in love with peonies again.

June 3

Architect at Work

June 3 and 4 in Copenhagen will open its doorsAuthoritative exhibition Architect at Work. This event truly international scale promises to focus the attention of visitors on the most innovative developments in architecture and design.

Design District

The Netherlands also has something to show to fansInterior design, and in the coming days, namely 3, 4 and 5 June, they will announce this at the Design District exhibition. We are sure - it will be incredibly interior and informative!


On Wednesday, June 3, the company "Mekran" presentsA new collection of furniture "Palais Royal". The organizers promise an unforgettable event with a burlesque, a court theater, a prize draw and a meeting with the authors of the collection. The beginning of the event is at 19:00, on Lomonosovsky Avenue, 29/1.


June 3, Ciranova organizes the most interestingAn event for all connoisseurs of properly processed wood. In the art cafe "Sleeve", that on Earth shaft, an expert from Belgium David Verru (David Verrue) presents the range of Ciranova and demonstrates the effect of patination.

June 4


In the evening of June 4, on the roof of the business center "Atmosphere"It is planned to hold a very atmospheric event - a party with a presentation and master classes. The selected invitees will be the first to see the new collection of dishes from the well-known Italian brand Seletti and will learn how to serve the summer feasts as the most real professionals.


June 4 in the show room on Sretensky Boulevard companyFinex will present a new collection of white oak boards and a vintage line of boards all from the same oak of a unique format - up to 48 cm wide and up to 4 m in length. In addition, all guests are waiting for champagne, gifts and a sea of ​​surprises.

SF Design Week

June 4 in San Francisco starts SF Design Week. The event will bring together the most important aspects of the life of a modern person - the representatives of AirBnB will talk about the culture of the design of working spaces, Adobe will tell about five basic concepts in which every earthly inhabitant interested in design is bound to orient, and the ceramics shop Jered's Pottery will teach how to lay out food On plates as if you are a real chef.

A creative breakthrough, or think like a designer

At the height of the day of June 4 in the White Hall of theWishing to "ignite" the creative potential and inspire inspiration in the creative activity "Creative breakthrough, or think like a designer". The entrance is free.


On the afternoon of June 4, the exhibition "Summer Impromptu" will open in the White hall of the MARHI. Visitors will be able to listen to the lecture of interior designer Anastasia Muravieva about the novelties and trends of the Milan exhibition.

May 8

Decorus 2015

On June 8 and 9 opposite the Kremlin walls in the hotel"National" will be the fifth anniversary exhibition "Decorus 2015". In the early days of summer, in the walls of a young exhibition that has already proved itself among professionals, it will be possible to see all the newest, curious and advanced in the world of interior design of Russia and Europe.

Exhibition of peonies in the "Aptekarsky garden"

During the whole of June, the most beautiful pion exhibitions will take place on the territory of the "Aptekarsky garden". To all fans of these wonderful and so different colors - be sure to be!