Guide for pros

Guide for pros: refrigerators, Italian furniture, bathrooms and fresh bread

This time we visited several presentations,master class, a week of design in the homeland of the white nights and met with old friends in the renovated show room. In the beginning of summer everyone thinks about holidays, and we remembered about refrigerators and visited the presentation of Bosch, learned how to bake croissants in the Sub-Zero show room | Wolf and departed for St. Petersburg ...

Sub-Zero | Wolf

Within four days of the show room Sub-Zero | Wolfyou could smell freshly baked bread. The company conducted large-scale master classes under the guidance of American baker Mark Sinclair for amateur culinary specialists. The result of the events is quite expected - the Wolf cabinets professionally bake incredibly fragrant bagels, baguettes, croissants.


In the restaurant Coin was a spectacular presentation of new designer refrigerators "Crystal" from the company Bosch. The lucky ones who visited the party admit that they will not forget it soon.


Konzept, together with the Oasis factorydays brought to the court of professional designers and architects its new collection for the bathrooms of Academy. The items are created in the best Italian traditions and, according to the guests of the presentation, embody what nobody expects from furniture - the most real elegance.

Design Week

The other day in the northern capital of the jubilee,fifth "Design Week". The event was thundered with more than a hundred different lectures, seminars and master classes. More than 20 000 visitors and direct participants got acquainted with projects from eight countries, and about 50 domestic and world media covered this event.


In the salon "Trio", which is on the avenue of Marshal Zhukov,a grandiose presentation of several well-known brands. Collections from FM Bottega d'Arte and Sahco were presented by the direct participants in their creation. The representative of FM Bottega d'Arte impressed the guests with his culinary skills and prepared several traditional Italian dishes.


Updated flagship show-room of the companyPromemoria again opened its doors in a historical place for itself - in Smolensk, 7. A bright party received a very summer name - Fiesta dei Fiori (Flowers Party) and gathered the most faithful friends.