Guide for choosing floor coverings: the best materials -

Today we decided to concentrate all the information on the sexes in the editorial office in one material. Visually and conveniently

Floors for interior are the basis and at the same timesupport. The quality of the floor depends on the tactile sense of space, atmosphere and much more. Today we will recall all the materials that we have managed to prepare in recent years.

How to choose the best floor covering for the kitchen? We decided to go on the most difficult path - first we went to the forums and were inspired by the experience of many families with children, dogs and a stormy culinary life. We made several conclusions and shared them with the professional architect Lena Gordina. Read about our findings.

How, in your opinion, should be the ideal sex? We are sure that there is nothing better than a tree. Depending on the type of wood, the way of processing and laying boards on the floor, you can achieve a variety of aesthetic and functional properties of the wooden floor. If properly and everything is done correctly, wood floors will not yield to stone floors, and by tactile sensations they will only surpass them.

By the way, about laying a parquet board. There are a lot of fineness in this process. We tracked down the architect Ruslan Kirnichansky, who, on a living example, demonstrated all the stages of working with parquet. Happened .

So. We sorted out the kitchen, learned how to choose wooden floors, and from now on we know how to lay the parquet to enjoy, looking under your feet. The time has come for bold experiments - bright floors. The options for their execution are great. Even if the floors are already there, they can be colored, modified and even changed beyond recognition. How? Read in.